MW/Works project Little House is a compact, modern sanctuary covering two floors and 1,100-square feet of space.  The firm explains that the project “hopes to capture the essence of the modern cabin—small in size but much larger than its boundaries.”

Floor-to-ceiling windows on one side of the main floor pull your attention out toward tall trees and the Hood Canal.  The simple design for this area is topped off with charming features, like a freestanding fireplace and a few shelf decorations that could have been gathered in the woods outside. Upstairs, the design continues to use simple, clean lines to create an efficient look.

Living room

The exterior of the home contrasts with the light tones and soft plywood used for the interior walls, floors, and décor.  MW/Works used black cedar and blackened cement infill panels to give the outward face a darker color.

The home has a couple outdoor spaces to relax on warmer days.  A patio extending from the Western corner of the house connects it to a trail system that takes hikers to the water below. [Photography by Andrew Pogue and information courtesy of MW/Works]

Living room

Relaxing outside





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