Space dividers are very practical and useful in those cases when you want flexibility. In other words, you can have an open floor plan and you can have privacy at the same time if you use a room divider to occasionally separate a particular section of the space from the rest of the functions. This is very useful when floor space is limited or when you want to stay away from solid, permanent walls that limit your options.

This is the Membrane divider designed by David Trubridge. It’s an acoustic system made of smaller panels that form a modular structure
The Silence installation is the creation of Neal Feay who knows how to bring out the best in aluminum from an artistic point of view
The installation is meant to reflect the concepts of silence and inner piece through a design that’s abstract
Not all space dividers are designed to completely conceal an area and to completely separate it from the surroundings
Some dividers are mostly suggestive, being made up of rods or fins

There are lots of different ways in which you can use wall dividers and also lots of different types and styles to choose from. For instance, use a divider to define a space such as a foyer or a work area. If, for example, your front door opens directly into the living room, you can create your own little entrance hallway using dividers. Also, you can use these to delineate a small space that you want to use as a home office without having to dedicate an entire room to this function.

Designs like this one are bohemian and perfect for spaces with romantic interior decors
Match the room divider to the walls or the furniture in that area to ensure cohesion
The woven pattern and the choice of materials make these dividers suitable for bedrooms and other similar spaces
Imagine these dividers in a breezy, coastal decor with a nautical theme or in a retro environment
Wood as a material adds warmth and elegance to interior designs and in addition to that it’s really versatile
You can also use dividers to organize outdoor spaces such as large decks, patios and even gardens
In some cases the room divider also doubles as an artistic decor element meant to stand out visually
There are plenty of designs that can add drama to a decor thanks to their theatrical allure
A more practical approach can involve multifunctional room dividers which can double as bookshelves
Curtains can be very effective at separating spaces. They have lovely textures that make the spaces feel cozy

Dividers can also be used to conceal certain elements. For instance, if you don’t want everyone to see your messy open kitchen, you can close it off with a screen, a curtain or panels. Of course, there are many different room divider ideas to take into consideration so it would be useful to first figure out your priorities. It’s possible to use a divider as a decorative element in the interior design of a space in which case looks are the most important detail. You could, for example, use a floor-to-ceiling room divider to add height to a room and to draw the eye up.

A classical panel-type divider system can still stand out through the little things that define it
Certain furniture pieces are versatile enough to double as space dividers. It’s the case with a lot of shelving units
Upholstered or fabric-covered dividers are best suited for the bedrooms or dressing rooms
These designs explore the sculptural nature of the room dividers, being inspired by the branches of the trees
Curtains aren’t just window treatments. They can also be used to occasionally separate a space from another
Geometric patterns and forms are easy to work with and easy to adapt to various decors and configurations
Open shelving units are practical as dividers because they can be accessed from both sides
This is a really efficient and elegant way of separating two functions that share the same floor plan
Use dividers in combination with other design strategies to give identity to a space

Different types of dividers stand out in different ways. Some are meant to stand out visually, some are meant to be multifunctional while others are meant to make a statement. It’s also possible to divide a larger space with furniture in which case specialized room dividers are not needed. Multifunctional dividers are great for saving space. Something can work as both a separator and a headboard or a bookcase. A divider can also serve as a backdrop for a sofa. The design possibilities are numerous.

Custom dividers are worth looking into. They’re meant to perfectly adapt and respond to a particular decor
Instead of books or collectibles you can have plants displayed on the shelves of your divider
Although quite massive, this multi-use divider is quite space-efficient as it can be used in a lot of different ways

Designers offer a wide range of interesting room divider options and ideas but there’s also the possibility to choose something custom-made and unique or to even make your own dividers. You could repurpose things like old panel windows, screens, pallets, barn doors, curtains or rope to visually separate and organize your rooms. If you’re seeking something more unconventional, here are a few ideas: you can use bottles, vinyl records, car plates, PVC pipes, Lego pieces, beads, paper or painted canvas or you can even knit your dividers.

Folding panels or sliding doors can also be used to separate two or more spaces while maintaining a flexible layout
You can repurpose some items such as a freestanding mirror to turn into a space divider
It’s great to be creative and to see new uses for basic things and to come up with unique decor strategies
A semi-transparent divider such as one made of steel mesh lets the light filter through
Such designs are not effective at blocking the views and the light, the desired effect being a completely different one
Artisanal designs are appreciated for their uniqueness and a fun idea could be to paint your room dividers
If you want, you can turn pallets into dividers or ubti vertical gardens for your home and patio

For increased flexibility, put your dividers on wheels so you can move them around as needed. If you decide to use barn doors, you can put them on track so you can easily open the space when needed. Another idea is to hang panels from the ceiling using hooks or to suspend rods, dowels, branches or pipes from the floor and ceiling to create a screen.

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