Architecture is the link between us and our natural surroundings, the element that separates us from nature and, at the same time, brings us closer to it. This unique dialogue is materialized in an infinite number of structures, each with its own special characteristics. This residence is one of them. Located in Tyumen Oblast, in Russia, this A-frame house  occupies 344 square meters of space and was completed in 2016 by A61architects and YYdesign, two studios founded in 2008 and respectively in 2007 and focused on modern and environmental design.

The house is organized into two main volumes as a way to separate the public areas from the private ones
A portion of the structure is underground, molded after the site
This is the above ground portion which sits at street level
The building embraces the topography and highlights the views and the surroundings
Open terraces and decks link the interior spaces to the outdoors and reveal the panoramic views

The design of the house is inspired and shaped by the surroundings. The structure sits on a sloped site and this inspired the architects to partially build it underground. The interior spaces are organized on two floors and in two volumes, each containing a certain type of rooms. The exterior of the residence is wrapped in wood and this allows it to match the surroundings and to establish a close connection with the landscape around it.

The windows are large and offer complex views of the surroundings, welcoming the outdoors in
The layout takes advantage of the views and the spaces are decorated and furnished accordingly
The social area is contained on the lower level and encompasses the kitchen, dining and living spaces
The living room is centered around an L-shaped sectional and a pair of coffee tables
The sofa frames the coffee tables together with two comfortable armchairs

Panoramic views can be enjoyed both through the large windows that overlook the valley and from the outdoor terraces. The top floor has the most wonderful views of the garden and the forest. This closeness to nature thus becomes an important characteristic of the overall design of the project.

The staircase that connects the two floors is positioned behind the kitchen
The kitchen island is simple and robust and features a wooden bar extension
The kitchen island and dining table are placed side by side
There’s plenty of storage in the kitchen but the decor is minimalist and nicely concealed
The dining table is simple and rectangular and the chairs around it are both gray and white

The interior design overall is kept simple as not to overwhelm the spaces. The desire here was to unify the spaces while allowing each function to be unique and to have its own character. This was managed by using a simple palette of materials such as wood, granite, metal and glass combined with neutral and earthy color tones. The furniture is simple, including a kitchen island with seating and an elegant dining table.

There’s a second staircase which is positioned on a hallway in the other volume
The floating stairs reveal a cozy seating nook under them
The main staircase is bigger and has glass railings
The wooden stair treads appear to be floating and the glass railings maintain a lightweight appearance
Glass is one of the main materials used throughout the project
The views from the upper floor are wonderful and they become a part of the interior design

The social volume which contains the living room, dining area and kitchen is larger than the private zone and also includes a really cool nook with a fireplace an adjacent firewood storage nook and comfortable armchairs. This is practically the basement level. A staircase is once again the link between this space and the rest of the living and lounge spaces. A wood-paneled wall sets a warm and welcoming mood while the rest of the walls and the ceiling are kept white. The glass staircase railing maintains transparency between the volumes.

This is a cozy lounge space with a fireplace and an adjacent firewood storage nook
Wood and glass are often put together in the design and the result is a well-balanced look
The interior design in the bedrooms is simple, warm and cozy with wood being the main material
The bathrooms are also simple but at the same time they look glamorous, stylish and sophisticated

The sleeping areas and the bathrooms are simple and mostly decorated with warm and earthy hues and a lot of wood. Crisp contrasts are created with the white backdrop and large windows and skylights are used to brighten up the spaces and to open them to their surroundings by letting in natural light and wonderful and refreshing views. A glass walk-in shower perfectly fits in the corner. There’s a really nice minimalist which defines all the spaces inside the residence, allowing them to be clutter-free and yet really efficient and functional.

A walk-in glass shower box sits in the corner and has minimal impact on the design
The top floor has some cozy nooks, sort of like attic spaces

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