Lodged somewhere in the green lands of South Carolina, the SGA Architecture-designed modern residence completed just last year enjoys copious amounts of daylight and style.

Clad in wood, the modern contemporary abode doesn’t seem to sacrifice an ounce of privacy thanks to its numerous mirrored glass inclusions. And its generous and well-manicured putting green connects the house well with the wilder greenery of the locale.

Modern Residence by SGA Architecture
Wall-sized sliding doors made of glass open up the rooms to the green environment

Completely white on the inside, the family residence occasionally takes advantage of natural stone, wood, and more glass. The latter makes atriums and transoms that maximize daylight exposure in every room.

There is a general atmosphere of liveliness in the house’s interior but the style could be described as reserved.

It doesn’t have to be over-the-top, though. One look through the window or glass door makes all the sense. The architects took full advantage of the site’s surroundings to make the natural beauty work as interior decoration instead.

What we loved the most about the project is the fire pit area, removed some distance from the residence. Sunken into the stone-covered ground, it allows guests to tickle their toes with some green grass, growing between the tiles.

Modern Residence in Greenville, South Carolina

A small atrium brings even more daylight into the open living room
Dining room has an indoor-outdoor atmosphere thanks to glass walls
A white kitchen comes with colorful breakfast bar stools
Corner window in the bedroom overlooks the shiny courtyard with a pool
Wall-sized sliding doors made of glass open up the rooms to the green environment
Kids room color scheme echoes the outdoors
Bathroom is spacious and white
Generous swimming pool stands in front of the house allowing to keep an eye on the kids from upper decks
Manicured lawn end with a hardscaped fire pit lounge area

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