Metaforma Architects completed the design of a modern residence in Poland that displays an interesting geometry. The body of the building consists of two intersecting cubes. The living area is located in the larger one, while the garage and the gym occupy the smaller section of the house.

The facades have been covered with black plaster and cool pigments, and with protection against biological corrosion. “The wood-like composite we chose, unlike natural materials, does not require additional impregnation,” the architects explained. “Dark details in the form of metal window casings and balustrades consistently complete the concept. All these create an interesting three-dimensional effect.”

The layout of this modern residence was planned in tune with the active lifestyle of the owners: the day zone is located on the ground floor, together with the sports room and guest area. The bedrooms are placed on the upper level and offer a high level of privacy.

A generously sized bookcase in the living area adds character to the design scheme. The use of a kitchen island allows the owners to work in the kitchen and keep an eye on the rest of the living room at the same time.

The architects also planned an unusual wine cellar. Wooden pins are placed between the rows of bricks in the wall to store bottles. Here, the residents can take their time selecting their beverage while admiring the available collection visually multiplied by the mirror at the end of the room. Photography and information from PION Fotografia.

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