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Punch needle embroidery is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity, and it is easy to see why with the fluffy texture it produces! I think I first saw it on Instagram and then the next time I visited my Mom, she was working on a vintage Christmas pattern where she used a punch needle to make his beard. I fell down a rabbit hole looking at supplies and patterns when I started working on this list, and then next time I saw her, she gave me my own needle! I haven’t started yet, but when I do, I’ll be buying one of these fun, bright, and modern punch needle kits or punch needle patterns.

Punch needle embroidery is different in lots of ways from traditional hand embroidery (if you decide you’d rather try that, check out my list of modern hand embroidery kits here!); the needle is hollow, you hold it differently, and there are a ton of different size that produce different effects. I learned a lot reading this great FAQ resource for punch needle questions,  the writer designed a wood punch needle that has been very popular instead of the cheap plastic one that is easiest to find.

Creativebug has one modern punch needle class, that covers all the basics from start to finish, taught by @bookhou, that looks cool too! I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this textile craft or other sites I can check out for tips and inspiration. This would have been a perfect experiment back when I was doing my “try something new every month” project!

Pin this list of modern punch needle kits & patterns with this link and photo:

No need for punch needle instructions when you buy a punch needle kit or punch needle pattern! Check out this curated list of modern punch needle inspiration and start stitching. #embroidery #punchneedle #crafts

Punch needle kits

Trendy donut punch needle kit from Myra & Jean – this would look perfect in a dorm room!

Modern monstera leaf punch needle kit from Myra & Jean – I’m not sure what it is about the monstera leaf but it looks cool! There is a free hand embroidery monstera leaf pattern in this post, too.

Frida Kahlo punch needle kit from Cupcake Cutie – this is stunning with that texture and bold color.

Basic punch needle kit from Blanc Laine – no pattern but does include an e-book for how to get started!

Sweet whale punch needle kit from Halfbird Mona – this would be adorable in a nursery.

(not pictured)

Geometric punch needle kit from Marta Zep Studio – I want this hanging above my couch!

Rainbow punch needle kit from Millicent and Bird – again, super cute for a kid’s room, this is so cheery.

Punch needle patterns

Fun flamingo punch needle embroidery pattern from Myra & Jean (this also comes as a kit option) – my daughter would go nuts for this!

Quirky apple punch needle embroidery pattern from Cupcake Cutie – super bright and fun, I see this in a classroom.

Sophisticated stool cushion cover punch needle pattern from Melissa Lowry Design – I wish I had an excuse to make this or somewhere a stool would fit in my house, because it’s beautiful.

The sweetest fox animal pillow punch needle pattern from Melissa Lowry Design  not sure how this could possibly be any cuter.

Delicate monstera leaf punch needle pattern from Find Wonder – more monstera leaves!

Organic abstract punch needle pattern from The Joyful Punch – another one that would look great in my living room.

Quirky sun punch needle pattern from The Joyful Punch – can’t you see this in a playroom? I bet it is so fun to make!

(not pictured)

Pretty abstract horizon punch needle embroidery pattern from Sals ThisNThat Shop – this would be lovely in a bedroom.

Punch needle inspiration

I thought I’d share some project inspiration that I’ve come across on Instagram too, click to go to their profile and check out what else they’ve been making!

For some reason Instagram isn’t letting me embed the photos so you’ll have to click through:

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