A lot of things changes since we first discovered how to melt glass and to use it to create beautiful items. The ancient art of blowing glass evolved a lot even though some things remain the same. Hand-blown glass has always been appreciated for its beauty and uniqueness. Glass blowing is at its essence an ancient art based on knowledge and techniques handed down from master to apprentice and only possessed by a few talented individuals. There was a time when glass blowers were held hostage for fear that their knowledge and secrets might leak.

The perception has changed in time but some things remained the same. Glass blowing and the ability to work with this material and to shape it into beautiful things is still an exclusive and rare ability greatly appreciated by everyone. Let’s see what the modern glassmiths of our time have to offer.

The story of the Moser glassworks begins in 1893 when Ludwig Moser first opened his own shop. It has been operating successfully ever since and now the company produces a variety of eye-catching glass products, from the usual vases and sculptures to chandeliers and exquisite gifts.

Each product is unique in its own way and each little imperfection is a part of its charm and character.

This is the Zephyr vase. Its art deco design inspired by the iris is the result of a complex and sophisticated process. The vase is made of hand blown glass and is hand cut and polished to a high gloss. The result is a very elegant and simple design with hand engraved details.

The Perles collection designed by Salviati looks delicious and that’s because the vases feature a visual resemblance to candy canes. The series includes decorative glass vases with various forms and color combinations. They’re all made of blown glass and they can be displayed individually or in groups.

The beauty of hand blown glass vases and decorations is that each one is unique and no two are exactly alike. A good example is the series designed by Luciano Gaspari. It’s called Sassi and it’s made of vases created using a hand-blown body to which thick colored glass bands are applied. The designers had a hard time finding the right balance of colors but they managed to come up with a wonderful range of products that blend different intensities and nuances in the most wonderful way.

Luciano Gaspari also designed the Pinnacoli series, a collection of tall and slender vases created using the sommerso technique. The design was originally showcased at the 1960 Venice Biennale and recently a new range of colors was introduced. The vases come in three sizes and they preserved the elegance sunken design of the original series.

Arcade Paris offers a range of collections focused on blown glass, such as the Ivan Baj series. Products such as Mineralia or Medea showcase the beauty of Murano glass and emphasize and wonderful precision of the handmade techniques used by the designer.

Mirtus is a series of four free mouth blown vases, each featuring a unique shape and height. The series puts together four beautiful color nuances: sage, rust, moss and amethyst. In total, the collection includes 33 unique pieces, numbered and signed by Ivan Baj.

Laura de Santillana created a collection of 300 vases handmade in Murano. They’re free mouth blown and engraved and they have slender and graceful silhouettes and a height of 54 cm. All 300 vases are signed by the designer. You can find them along with lots of other beautiful glass products in the Arcade Murano section. Some of the products were also displayed in January at Maison & Objet in Paris.


Vanessa Mitrani also depicts a beautiful world decorated with all things made of hand blown glass. Collections such as Mangrove take inspiration from nature and translate its beauty into subtle and expertly crafted decorations for our homes.

Whether it’s a pendant lamp, a vase, a bowl or a decorative object, there’s always a unique version of it made of glass. The fetish collection would be a perfect example. You can see of the products displayed here. There’s the carafe with chicken feet which definitely stands out from everything else.

The curvy lines and delicate silhouettes of the Aria vases by Salviati give the collection a really beautiful flair. The vases are made f hand-blown glass using the rigadin technique and they’re available in a variety of different colors and two finishes: satin and polished.

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