Can’t figure out what to put in that empty corner in your living room or how to bring more light into your reading corner? Perhaps you’re also looking for a way to make your work area more comfortable. For every of these issues the solution can be a very simple one: add a floor lamp. There’s a lot of types and styles to choose from. Modern floor lamps are usually simple and sculptural. Arc floor lamps are a particularly interesting type but there are also many others to consider to take your pick at any of these designs.

You can find the Fujiya lamp in two sizes so you can be happy whether you want a modern floor lamp or one for your desk or table. The structure is made of solid black walnut or white oak complemented by a powder-coated steel shade available in a variety of different colors. The design is both simple and quirky.

In a modern living room with clean and simple lines, floor lamps such as the Elagone make natural additions. The slender design is both space-efficient and eye-catching, while also adding a sculptural touch to the decor of the space. The lamp has a natural oak shell wrapped around a warm LED light center.

This doesn’t look much like a lamp and that’s because the design is not meant to be suggestive but rather surprising. The lack of an actual lampshade lets the light fall freely, forming a cone of soft light that bathes the person sitting under, much like natural light would. Check Amura for more beautiful interior design products.

The glass body of the Oda lamps makes these accent pieces look lightweight, delicate, almost ephemeral. Both the floor and the table lamp versions are equally beautiful and striking. The lamps give out soft and pleasant light which is just what a bedroom or a cozy lounge space needs.

This is the Stem series, a collection of modern floor lamps with a slightly industrial look. Two versions of the lamp are available, one with a single sphere and one with two. The sphere shades come in two sizes and they are attached to a sturdy brass base.

Perfect for reading nooks and corners, the Revolve floor lamp looks best when accompanied by a comfortable chair. The stand that holds the shade is made of hand-brushed brass and has a sturdy, round base that mirrors the overhanging metal shade.

If looks are a bit more important than function and if you want a unique floor lamp able to stand out on its own and to even double as a piece of art or as a sculpture, designs such as that of the Small Spiral Column n°3 might be just what you’re looking for.

This is Inca, a floor lamp with an elegant design that puts together a cylindrical black shade and a two-section angular base made of steel. The two sections are stacked and they highlight the beautiful geometric nature of the design.

Villiers offers a bunch of sophisticated but also casual and informal floor lamps, very much like this one. With a design based on contrasts of form, material, texture and even color, the lamps are designed to suit a multitude of settings, decors and space types.

The complementary nature of wood and metal as two materials that bring out the best qualities in each case is highlighted in the design of the Deuce floor lamp, an accent piece with a lot of flair and a well-balanced mix of elegance and versatility. The design combines metal, wood veneer and fabric.

A cylindrical lampshade considerably larger than the round base gives the Snowdrop lamp a symmetrical and balanced look. The base is made of lacquered wood and the rod that holds the shade is metal, a timeless and always elegant combination of materials.

Ostrich feathers aren’t exactly the thing you expect to see on a lamp.However, they’re the thing that make these unique floor lamps so special and unusual. The Feather Lamps are exotic lighting fixtures which you can get in a variety of interesting colors.

Some floor lamps are designed to be imposing and to stand out while others are meant to look as little invasive as possible and to blend in easily. CVL lets you choose between the two types, offering a selection of timeless and classical pieces with versatile designs.

Since we mentioned arc floor lamps at the beginning of the article, it’s about time we had a look at such a product. This is Victor, a slender and elegant-looking floor lamp with a form and a design that are ideal for comfortable reading spots or for corners.

Also great for corners but also for a variety of other spaces and configurations, the Durham lamp by Eric Jourdan has a chic design inspired by the 50s. The base of the lamp is made of Tuscan stone, being shaped like a solid block. It holds a brushed stainless steel mast and a mouth-blown satin opal glass shade.

Most modern products are defined by minimalism and clean, simple lines as well as a lack of ornamental features. But that doesn’t apply to every piece and an interesting example in this sense is the Hanoi lamp, a fixture made metal (iron, stainless steel, nickel, brass) complemented by a fabric shade available in silk, satin or organza.

Aren’t these floor lamps just adorable, with their big flat bases and their small cylindrical shade? They’re definitely tall and you can’t fit them in low spaces such as attics or mezzanines but if you have a room with a high ceiling then it’s all good and lovely. Check Meridiani‘s collections for more inspiring products.

Flexibility is an appreciated and often desired attribute for floor lamps, especially oversized ones such as Gary by T. Colzani. This is a beautiful lamp with a tubular frame made of brushed bronzed brass combined with a walnut or a marble base. The cotton shade has a golden interior.

The Pileo floor lamp has a very distinctive shape. Its design puts together solid canaletta walnut or ash which used for the tripod base and a tin-plated shade. The form of the lampshade is an odd one in the sense that it directs all the light downwards, like a hat.

It’s slender and chic and it looks sophisticated without being opulent or extravagant. This is a brief description that perfectly suits the Stick floor lamp. We particularly enjoy the soft glow and the smooth lines and angles of the lamp’s body and shade.

Whether you need it to shed light on your work area, to brighten up your reading corner or to  make your bedroom feel more inviting and romantic, the Me floor lamp will always be successful at the task given. The lamp has a sleek and simple design, lacking unnecessary embellishments and yet looking strangely fresh and complex. Another cool thing about it is the flexibility which lets you adjust the angle and the amount of light in order to create the perfect ambiance.

Accordion necks are usually found on wall sconces but there’s nothing stopping them from also looking great on lamps. In fact, the Finneston collection reflects this very idea. This is a series by Channels which borrows a feature usually encountered on industrial metal lamps and adapts it to a new material: wood.


In a way, the Mañana lamp looks a bit like a stickman. It has two legs, a head but no arms. It’s a comparison that can’t really be unseen and which you’ll appreciate for a long time if you enjoy fun and playful designs. The lamp comes from Design House Stockholm and is designed by Marie-Louise Gustafsson.

Inspired by the Film Noir in the 40’s, the Line One lamp comes with a solid marble base with a cylindrical shape and an aluminum lampshade shaped like a bell. The two are connected by a curving brass rod. You can get the lamp in two sizes and several variations of finishes.

It looks a bit unstable but in fact it’s pretty sturdy and well-balanced. We’re talking about the Shift lamp series designed by RUĐER NOVAK-MIKULIĆ & MARIJA RUŽIĆ. Don’t you just love how beautiful everything comes together and how lightweight the lamp seems? Imagine this accent piece in a cozy reading area, in an office or in the corner of your bedroom.

Ever read a book under a tree? It’s a really peaceful and relaxing experience and the Radial floor lamp tries to capture a little bit of that magic with its quirky design. But in addition to looking zen and peaceful, the lamp also focuses strongly of functionality. Its design is meant to illuminate two spaces at once, thus being perfect for work areas.

In your search for unique floor lamps, you may have come across the Melt family, a series of light fixtures with shades that look like they’re actually melting, hence the suggestive name. This is one of the designs. The lamp has a solid metal base and a straight, thick rod that holds the shade which has a mirror finish when off but becomes transparent when the light is on.

It could take a while to realize why this lamp looks familiar but once you do it all makes sense. The Jackson floor lamp is a tribute to pop legend Michael Jackson, especially to the way he used to wear his iconic hat, not to mention those crazy and original dance moves. This is a lamp that captures some of that magic and lets it become a part of your glamorous interior decor.

The Blow floor lamp designed by Normal Studio puts the emphasis on the graphical nature of the metal base that supports its soft-glowing glass shade. The two sections fit together perfectly and harmoniously.

It’s not an antique piece but it definitely looks like one.The Montauk tripod lamp is the type of accent piece that can look extraordinary in a particular type of decors and out of place everywhere else. If you can find a good place for it then you can make the most of this wonderful piece and enjoy its distinctive beauty.

A single lamp for every purpose, that’s what a lot of modern homes need and that’s what Lumiere Noir is. This is a lamp designed by Philippe Nigro with a flexible design that lets the user adjust the angle of the shade from a vertical to a horizontal position  and to even rotate the bulb 330 degrees. In addition, the lamp can be used and installed in several different ways.

We find the copper-plated version of the Pascal Morgue floor lamp to be the most interesting and eye-catching of the available ones. The collection includes three types of lamps available with a white cotton shade on a chromed or white lacquered base or with a copper PVC shade on a copper-plated steel base.

Simply called Square, this floor lamp can be just what a modern or a contemporary decor needs to be complete. Let it contrast with your round-top coffee table, your soft-edged sofa or your oval area rug and enjoy its simplicity. The lamp has a cross base made of steel tubes and a composite fabric shade.

If it were smaller, it might have looked like a mushroom. This is the Nani lamp, a beautiful lighting fixture with a solid beech base and a mouth blown glass shade that’s set playfully on a slight slant, much like a hat would sit on a stand.

Last but not least is the BS1 floor lamp. It has a really slender structure that doesn’t really inspire sturdiness. Still, you can be certain it will stay in place so don’t be fooled by its thin metal base. This is a lamp that won’t overwhelm small spaces and that will go almost unnoticed in simple interior decors.

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