Hi Friends! This is Kristin from Postbox Designs, Interior E-Design and I’m back this month with another exclusive Mood Board just for you Remodelaholic readers! When working with my own clients I deal with a huge range of budgets from low to high, but one thing all of my clients want: a Living Room that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable. No one wants a room that looks pretty but isn’t condusive to real life. So today I’m going to share with you a Modern Farmhouse Living Room Mood Board that is not only beautiful, functional, and comfortable, but hold onto your hats people….it is only $1200 for a complete room. Everything you see on this Mood Board (and I’m including multiples of some of these items to create an actual functional Living Room design) you can get for just over a thousand dollars.

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

A Modern Farmhouse Living Room For Just $1200

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Want to find out how? I’m sharing my best budget friendly designer finds and sources to create a Modern Farmhouse Living Room you can have ordered by the end of the day!

I’ll share where you can find these budget friendly gems, but first let’s check out some eye candy.

Choosing the Right Budget Friendly Farmhouse Living Room Pieces

Sofa: I have three kids myself so I need a sofa that is going to work for those beloved movie nights-something that is comfortable, snuggly…but also durable and easy to clean. I actually own this sofa (in the sectional version) found on the Mood Board and I have found it to be all of the above! The light tan is bright and airy, and best yet is slipcovered so you can take it off and wash. It has held up beautifully and is oh, so comfortable. And best yet-you can buy the sofa AND slipcover for under $400. I would highly suggest picking up a second cover.

Farmhouse Throw Pillows: This whole Farmhouse Living Room Mood Board has a light and airy feel to it-the dusty blue striped pillows, the light gray hex pillows, and that charming tassel pillow bring so much texture and pattern to the room. Everything is fairly neutral and the patterns lean towards a Modern Farmhouse look. I actually own these blue striped pillows and I will tell you they are worth every penny-beautifully made and looks much more high end than their $30ish price tag.

If you want a more rustic Farmhouse look, try a similar look to the Living Room by Twelve on Main:

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

Twelve on Main

Rustic Coffee Table: The beauty of a rustic coffee table is it is already broken in! I love using rustic, slightly beat up pieces because any abuse you might give it, just adds to it’s beauty. And it blows my mind you can grab this Mood Board’s table for under $50.

Modern Farmhouse Décor on a budget: When you are working on a tight budget for your Farmhouse Living Room, I love to hit up places like HomeGoods, Wayfair, and Target. Look for matte black pieces, glass vases (like the $20 Target vase on the Mood Board), and light colors such as whites, grays, ivories, and creams.

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

Image Via Luxe Source

Budget Friendly Art: My #1 Source for budget friendly arwork is always, always Etsy. I love the immediate gratification Instant Download prints. You can grab beautiful, custom, unique artwork for just a few dollars. This “Gather” print is under $6! Print yourself and frame in an inexpensive frame.

The “Perfect” Rug: Okay, I know nothing is perfect, but this chunky jute rug from the Mood Board is pretty gosh darn close. Natural fibers like jute or sisal work perfectly in a Modern Farmhouse Living Room. But best yet, they are durable, hide a myriad of stains, and dirt, and are surprisingly comfortable. While I rarely select the same items for multiple clients, this is one of the few pieces I have used again again…I even have it in my own home. And for $160, you won’t cry if someone spills their grape juice on it. I’ve had mine for over two years and my three children and beast of a dog have yet to destroy it! A small miracle.

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

Image via Pinterest

So, you want a Modern Farmhouse Living Room for just $1200?

This post contains affiliate links. You can read our complete disclosure here.

You can find and purchase every item on this Farmhouse Living Room Mood Board by clicking on the item name below:

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Shopping List:

Sofa   Gray Chair   Blue Stripe Pillow   Gray Pillow   Tassel Pillow   “Gather” Print   Rug   Coffee Table   Floor Lamp   Black Storage Bin   White Spindle Table   Belly Glass Vase   Eucalyptus Sprig (not shown)

Included in your Living Room Design budget is:

(1) Slipcovered sofa (includes the cost of the slipcover) with (5) pillows

(1) Coffee Table with (2) Black Storage Baskets

(2) Accent Tables

(1) Floor Lamp

(1) 7’-6”x9’-6” Area Rug

(1) Glass Vase with a Sprig of Faux Greenery

(1) Armchair

(1) Oversized Artwork Print*

*This doesn’t include the frame. Whether on a budget or not, I love blowing up artwork to an oversized print (such as 36”x48”) and hang this one item centered over a sofa to take up the majority of a blank wall. Use an inexpensive poster frame you can find for under $30.

And best yet-these items are not only Farmhouse fantastic but durable and budget-friendly. I can attest to SIX of the items myself-they are either in my own home or I have used them for my client’s homes.

Want to see more Farmhouse Design?

You’re in luck! Here are some other Modern Farmhouse designs to get your creative juices flowing!

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

Farmhouse Family Room

Postbox Designs: $1200 Modern Farmhouse Family Room Design, Farmhouse Family Room Makeover

Traditional Meets Farmhouse Family Room

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A huge thank-you to the whole Remodelaholic staff for letting me hang with you all today!

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