Modern Desert Wedding Shoot With A Moroccan Feel

We are used to see boho desert weddings but what if you choose going modern and add just some boho or Moroccan touches? I bet the result will strike you, and this shoot we are featuring today totally will!
A soft, neutral palette, modern decor and the largest sand desert in the world – this stunning wedding inspiration blends the old world with new, modern aesthetics and the results couldn’t be more breathtaking. The stylists brought together raw industrial and modern aesthetics with old cultural and traditional elements of the Arabian Peninsula.
The shoot took place at the beautiful desert resort of Qasr al Sarab, which rises as a sand castle in the infinite Rub’ al Khali Desert. Drawing on traditional elements such as clay pots, della’s (Arabic brass coffee pots), leather poufs with beautiful detailing and combining this with dry flowers bound to give a sense of wilderness fit well with the mysticism and heritage of this exceptional place. The stylists drew inspiration from regional history and decided to use the crescent moon, a symbol essential to the region for thousands of years, and combined the moon with pampas grass and dry palm leaves, both locally significant as it’s…

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