I love hand embroidery. It is relaxing, there is no counting or keeping track of things, you can pick it up and put it down without a second thought. It fits in my purse, it travels in the car, and my kids like watching me do it! This past year, we sold our house and then lived with family or in an airbnb as we moved halfway across the country. My stress levels were at an all time high trying to juggle everything and this constellation hand embroidery project kept me sane! Designed by Miniature Rhino, you can get the constellation hand embroidery pattern here or buy it in a super cute kit here.

I got it from a very old Mollie Makes magazine, which included the fabric, hoop, and a paper version of the pattern.

Stop tracing and start printing! This embroidery pattern transfer method is super easy - click through to see more. #embroidery #handembroidery

I then copied it (with a machine) on to my very favorite embroidery transfer paper that just washes away.

My son loves it, I might have to make another one!

Modern constellation embroidery project

These are the supplies I used!

  • Hoops – I’ve been very happy with the bulk buy hoops off Amazon*, and have had no issues with any of the 3 major brands on there (Darice, Kingso, & Caydo) depending on what size I’m looking for.
  • Needles– I use all sorts of kinds but my favorite are these embroidery needles off Amazon*; the little container makes it really easy to keep track of them and I like the assortment of sizes.
  • Small, sharp scissors for cutting floss– These can range from $1 cheapies to $15 Ginghers, I think the DMC embroidery scissors* work just fine and have a bunch of different brands laying around.
  • Embroidery floss– I used pearl cotton* for this pattern!
  • Pattern transfer method – My #1 favorite is Sulky Fabri-Solvy* (pictured below), which you print off and wash away. You can see a full picture tutorial for how to use it in this post. Other methods include tracing with a mechanical pencil or chalk pen.

Again, you can get the constellation hand embroidery pattern here or buy it in a super cute kit here.

Big Dipper and Little Dipper! Ironically, I have trouble identifying constellations up in the sky, but I love stitching or sewing them.

If you like this constellation embroidery, you might also like this moon phase embroidery!

You can pin this constellation embroidery pattern for later, here:

This modern hand embroidery pattern is beautiful! Trendy constellation embroidery pattern is perfect for diy nursery decor or anywhere else in the house. Click through to see the magic method used for transferring the pattern. #embroidery #handembroidery #constellations

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