Modern And Colorful Apartment Renovation In Athens

Athenian apartment buildings, modernist, multi-storey volumes known as polikatoikies which proliferated in the second half of the 20th century. Located in Ilioupoli, a non-descript neighborhood in the south-east of Athens, a formerly unfinished, semi-basement space has been transformed by Athens-based architects Point Supreme into a hip, effortlessly elegant apartment by embracing its cave-like character and unrefined state.
With only 56 square meters to contend with and daylight influx from just one side, it was critical that the practice embrace an open-plan configuration in order to establish a sense of spaciousness and maximize natural lighting. Taking advantage of its unfinished state, the architects have avoided adding internal walls, choosing instead to demarcate the various zones by using see-through, light-weight partitions such as hanging shelves, metal lattice screens and steel and glass sliding panels, as well as curtains to ensure privacy in the bedroom area.
While most architects would have been inclined to cover the unfinished raw concrete columns, beams and ceiling, the team has left them intact along with the existing steel windows and door, imbuing the space with an industrial sensibility that is further enhanced by the visible cable ducts and water piping. Despite the muted tones of the exposed building…

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