I played mix & match with my stash again and this is the result. I didn’t use as many elements as I did for my Kahlo necklace, and this is a proof that a beautiful necklace can be made with just a couple of things.

For the Sherbet necklace I chose a mandala, a tiered flower and this wooden necklace.

As I planned to make it a bib necklace, I folded the mandala at the top an sewed it. Next, placing the necklace around it, I sew it on.

To make the ties of the necklace thicker and give them structure, I picoted half way through and single crocheted it to the end where I placed to beads to beautify the closure.

The little flower was placed at the center and I added tubular beads to make the centerpiece more interesting.

To spice things up, I outlined a portion with black floss and threw in some French knots. They do make a striking difference to the piece!

It is for sale and you can find on TLT or Folt Bolt.