I have had this gorgeous textile ribbon for years, just a very short piece of if and it was a truly one of a kind piece of ribbon I have ever laid eyes on. The main body of it is made of thin and densely woven silk threads through which immensely soft and colorful, {felted} woolen fibers are inserted and intertwined. So I was quite reluctant to use it in a meaningless project and it stayed put for years.
But it happened that I have a crocheted bracelet that never saw the light of day and I decided to match those two. I used the bracelet as a foundation onto which I arranged the mix of whatnots.
Isn’t this match perfect? I think they were made for each other.

The name for it came from that beautiful ribbon with velvet feel that reminded me of the gorgeous Peruvian textiles.
In the picture above you can see all the ingredients in the creation of the Peruvian Necklace: crochet roses, wooden beads, tassels and pom-pom along with the ribbon and the crochet piece.