Mix & Match: Golden Meadow Necklace

The purging and clearing of heavily burdened boxes spilling out my crochet treasures continues in the new year and the end is nowhere to be seen!
I am literally out of my wits, wondering what to do with this alpinic proportions of said treasures and I know I should be thanking the heavens more for having a husband that effortlessly deals with these yarn and textile outbursts!
The first handling was rather successful (I think) for I have used several tubes for this necklace and a handful of flowers. I actually didn’t snap any before pictures because I was competing with the daylight and it won :P.
I slid three different size tubes onto the main one and sewed the flowers in the arrangement that you see and that I liked most.
The pattern for the tubes is here and the one for the gerberas is here. The others are product of my whims – as always.
We also have kits for the tubes and you might want to check out those too.