I cannot believe that my last Mix & Match play was back in January! Not that my storage boxes are not overflowing; somehow I was so immersed in so m.a.n.y things to do, I just left crochet goodies piling up. 
I am contemplating a thorough cleanse and perhaps lots of mix ‘n matches at the beginning of the new year, because {happy dance} I will be having a 2-week holiday to use as I please!!!
This is how I mixed and matched my burgundy goodies:
I gathered all the things I picked for this necklace – a sequin decorated bib, crochet flowers and leaves I was going to use, plus a tulle insert and a pearl bead I forgot to include in the picture. I sewed the tulle, leaves and flower in the upper left corner.

 Next, and this is my favourite step when working with flowers, I stacked them all up. 

I sewed that stacked flower onto the leaves and lastly added the metal chain.
And that’s how I did it. 
Bye, bye!
I wish you a happy weekend ahead!