Misty Mountain Elopement On The Edge Of Trolltunga

Trolltunga mountain (‘Troll Tongue’) in Norway is a famous place because it looks really unusual. And today’s couple decided on an elopement right there! The mountain slab hovers over a breathtaking view, however the hike is quite a rigorous climb at 14 hours. But Tim and Kylie were up for the challenge (and they each carried 35 pounds of gear, each!).

K+T were actually married a few years ago, but due to horrible weather and traditional formalities, their wedding didn’t turn out the way they wanted. Now a few years later, they decided to remarry and document their love in their own way.

They actually all brought tents to spend the night in and hike back in the morning, but the weather got really ugly: there were winds and tons of rain. It was definitely one the most exhausting yet satisfying adventures of their lives that seems like a dream. Most of the hike was directly up hill and the couple climbed from stone to stone.

When they finally reached the top of the mountain, Tim and Kylie set up their tent and while Tim changed outside, Kylie managed to nail her hair and makeup inside the tent. When she came out of the tent she stood there like a goddess on the edge of the cliff! The bride was wearing a boho lace wedding dress with long sleeves, a floral crown and brown boots, and the groom was wearing an electric blue suit.

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