I think this kitchen is so characterful and eye-catching. Even though it’s a typical shaker design, the combination of the mint green color of the fronts, the white marble tops, brass details, and the visible bricks through the wall treatment turn this kitchen into something extraordinary.

High cabinets are used on both sides of the kitchen providing enough storage space, while the kitchen island and the center of the kitchen with the sink consist out of low modules only, which makes the design look a lot lighter. I love the wood open shelving above the sink and the integrated ladder which is needed to reach the top cupboards. This reminds me of one of those library ladders.

While the kitchen island provides space for two people, there is a larger dining table on the other side of the kitchen in front of the window. I think the contrast between the straight lines of the kitchen layout and the round dining table works so nicely, while the wood of the table visually matches the details in the kitchen design as well.

Photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

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