hanging magazine holder diy

hanging magazine holder diy

Are you a hoarder or a chucker-outer?

If you are a chucker-outer, then you’ve probably got this whole ‘de-cluttering thing’ sorted.  For the rest of us hoarders, we need as much help as we can get.  I’m trying hard to de-clutter my life and one big step I recently took was to get rid of hundreds of magazines.  I only kept a handful (okay, a boxful) of my favourites.  And do you know what, despite my reluctance to get rid of them, I felt so good afterwards.

After a task like this, I needed to reward myself.  Ages ago I had fallen for a minimal hanging magazine holder but as I had a gazillion mags at the time, a holder for two or three mags wasn’t ideal.  Now that I’ve pared back, I decided to make one for myself as I love making stuff.  In the end I made 3 of them as this magazine holder DIY is handy for not only mags but books too.  And they look so pretty – a fun alternative to art for some of your walls.

hanging magazine holder diy

how to make a hanging magazine holder

Minimal Magazine Holder DIY

36mm wooden balls with holes (available from any craft shop)
Black faux suede cord (UK readers find it here and US readers find similar here)

This DIY is so easy-peasy so I’ll keep the how to very short.  Decide how long you want your magazine holders to be – I went for varying lengths as I thought this looked more interesting.  Cut a piece of suede cord to double the length you want and tie the ends in a knot at the bottom.  You’ll need to make a double knot so that the wooden ball doesn’t go through.  And now thread the ball through and hang it up.

I should mention that they are pretty strong – stronger than I had imagined. One of the books I hung up (The Maker) is quite a heavy hardback book and it stayed fine.  I used picture pins to hang these magazine holders up and they did the job really well.

magazine holder DIY

magazine holder diy

minimal hanging magazine holder diy

Since making these minimal hanging magazine holders, I’ve also used one in my bathroom.  It’s a stylish way to leave a mag lying around without taking up any counter space.  I’m actually planning to make a bunch more as I keep coming up with new uses for them everyday.

Do you think you’ll give this magazine holder diy a go?  Where will you hang yours?

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