Each year in November, we do a series of DIY advent calendars for kids. (See them all here!) Today we’re sharing a sweet idea that our Crafting Manager, Naomi, came up with. Each little present is designed to look like a tiny, vintage package sent specially from the North Pole…


You can hide these in your mailbox or slip them into your stack of mail for your kids to find each day! Inside, hide a small toy or candy and a slip of paper with a fun, holiday activity printed on it.



Materials Needed: Cardstock (in kraft, white, tan, pink, red, and mint), scissors, pen, small toys and favors, washi tape, 1/8″ ribbon, striped raffia, printable mini stamps, glue, washi tape, thin black pen

Step 1: Cut a few sheets of white cardstock into 24 small 3” by 4” rectangles. Write a different note or activity on each card for your little one to open each day in December. Roll the notes into tiny scrolls and tie with a piece of ribbon or raffia.

Step 2: Package each note with a couple small toys or favors in colored cardstock, and tie with string. To keep the days in order, you may want to write a number on the back of the package in pencil somewhere discreet.

Step 3: Print the stamp printable on a sheet of plain paper. Cut the individual pieces out.

Step 4: Address the packages to your little one “From: Santa” with a thin black pen. Glue the stamps onto the packages, and add embellishments!

Step 5: Place a package in your mailbox just before retrieving your mail each day. Invite your little one to get the mail with you and watch them glow!




Crafting & styling by Naomi Julie Satake