dry ice pumpkins

We’ve got a simple way to add a little drama to your Halloween party this year with dry ice! Here’s how to make these spooky fog pumpkins…

dry ice pumpkins

Safety First! Dry ice, which is actually the solid form of carbon dioxide, is very cool but there are a couple safety guidelines you need to follow like not touching it with your bare hands, and be sure not to swallow it. If you use them in fancy cocktails or other drinks, be sure they’re completely absorbed in the liquid before drinking. You can pick it up at some gas stations, but we found it most useful to do a quick Yelp search for dry ice and getting on the phone before driving around.

Step 1: Grab a few small pumpkins and carve out the insides with a sharp knife. Clean out the seeds and discard (or prepare them for roasting later).

dry ice pumpkins

Step 2: Add a few chunks of dry ice and about 1/4 cup of hot water. The combination of the hot liquid (any liquid really, but hot is best) and the dry ice is what will make the cool fog really start going crazy.

dry ice pumpkins

Step 3: Continue to add a bit of hot water and dry ice chunks every few minutes as the fog settles.

You can also add dry ice to any drink you serve! Last year at our Halloween party we carved out a pumpkin and placed a bowl of apple juice inside with chunks of dry ice fog coming through the Jack-O-Lantern face. It was a huge hit! Hoping to recreate it this year again.

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