It’s the weekend guys!
I couldn’t wait for the work day to finish so that we can really get into that weekend groove! And I have the perfect weekend project for you. Back on Wednesday I showed you how to crochet this lovely doily and said that I will show you the brooch I actually made with it.
However, I was itching to try making it with a thinner size of thread and more or less got to it. I used ecru, but doubled the thread so it wasn’t too thin nor was it as thick as the thread for the white brooch and I tell you… this one is a bit bigger than a thumb but totally adorable and perfect for a mini brooch. I actually like it more than the original one.
I am quite happy how it turned out. Truth be told, you cannot see it because I used it as a foundation onto which I built the flowers and it is just peeking from the sides; but anyways – it is love-ly!
And… no drum rolls sadly…. here’s the original.
Luckily, I have a coral red cardi so when I put this on it gave it the right pop and was quite effective. So my collection of brooches now has two new members.
With this, I close this post, wave you goodbye and I will see you guys on Monday!