080317_1This week I´ve been working from home with a list of to do´s so long I´m far from seeing the end of it. My office space is far from ready, at least not the way I planned it to be when I moved in. But so far, so good. I´m fine with lots of coffee, some nice things to look at, and music on my ears. As I´ve said so many times, to decorate your home takes time. Finding the right objects, deciding on how you want to use the space and doing it in your own personal way. I´m not in a hurry.
..and the sun has been shining all week, so no need to complain! 


When it comes to finding those small personal favorites I love treasure hunting when I travel. The small, yellow notebook I bought with me from Artilleriet when I visited Gothenburg. In Stockholm I found the beautiful ceramic cup, from Japanese Kinto. Now I need to organize my work space a little more, to make my work more efficient. Some nice file holders is on my list, so that I wont have to move those piles of papers around all the time. I would love to have them in metal but the only ones I´ve seen so far is made of cardboard or wood, any tips? Please let me know. 


I better get on with that list then, hope you all are having a wonderful week! 


photography by © elisabeth heier


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