Michelin Restaurant in Venice, Italy | Trying Pumpkin Dishes!

Michelin Restaurant in Venice, Italy | Trying Pumpkin Dishes!

Join us as we visit a Michelin Restaurant in Venice, Italy that specializes in savory pumpkin dishes. For a while we’ve had requests for vegetarian friendly meals and restaurants and this place definitely fits the bill as we ordered only vegetarian Italian food. The following is a list of the all of the food items we tried:

1) Pumpkin with caramelized onions and pine nuts (Saor Di Zucca Radicchio Rosso)
2) Savory pumpkin flan with nutmeg (flan de zucca con burro al la salsa ricotta stagionata)
3) Pumpkin Tortilla (Tortino de Pate Zucca Caciotta Di Rocca Pontina)
4) Chocolate Cake (Festive Style)
5) House Red wine + water

Restaurant in Venice, Italy Information:

La Zucca Restaurant
Address: Santa Croce 1762, 1762, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy
Hours: Monday to Saturday 12:30–2:30PM (lunch) 7–10:30PM (dinner)
Sunday Closed
Phone: +39 041 524 1570

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Michelin Restaurant in Venice, Italy | Trying Pumpkin Dishes! Travel Video Transcript:

It is another very snowy day here in Venice. Today we’re going to go for lunch. This place is the only like two minute walk from our house. It specializes in pumpkin & is called Osteria La Zucca. Zucca means pumpkin and most of the dishes are made with pumpkin. It is vegetarian friendly.

We are all settled in the restaurant and we’ve ordered three different pumpkin dishes to share between Sam and I. So the first one we got is the Saor Di Zucca Radicchio Rosso so that is this one right here that I’m going to be trying. I think it is the vegetarian equivalent of what I had at the other restaurant with the sardines because it has the same name. I can see that it has caramelized onions and the pine nuts but instead of the fish it is pumpkin. It looks kind of like a pumpkin paste.

Appetizer number two. We got the fran de zucca con burro al la salsa ricotta stagionata.

This has pumpkin and butter and some ricotta. When we were first reading this flan to me is a dessert. At least in Spanish it is but apparently this is savory and it has nutmeg they said. Yep. And also a few different spices. It looks really good. It is also dressed with cheese and these it looks like sunflower seeds. And guess who is having that as well? George. You’ve been trying it. So how is it?

It is delicious. It is so creamy and great pumpkin flavor.
This is really good though. Out of the two this one is my favorite so far.

That is delicious. But it is not sweet though is it? No. It has got a savory creamy texture and I love how there is the has been some cheese sprinkled on top. Also some pumpkin seeds. It is just really really good.

It is also a bit thicker than what I thought when I first looked at it. It has pumpkin seeds.

This one is the Tortino de Pate Zucca Caciotta Di Rocca Pontina.

So never heard of tortino before it kind of looks like a potato. It reminds me of the Spanish tortilla. It is kind of like that with pumpkin.

So let’s just dig in. Dig right in and see what this is all about. Nice consistency.

This looks good get a little bit of that pesto right there.

it is dessert time. So we’ve ordered a piece of chocolate cake. Woah. It looks beautiful. It is nice and thick. Nice big slab of it. I like that there is a little dusting of icing sugar on top and also we have some chocolate sprinkled. And it is beautifully plated too as you’ll notice you see berries and you’ll see some cream. It looks very festive like Christmas. It does look very festive. This would be a great Holiday Christmas cake for instance. Oh and you can tell that there is nuts in here.

That is really tasty.

Actually this reminds me a lot of a warm brownie. That is how I would describe it with a lot of nuts and chocolate.

In terms of price point it came to 41 Euros. That included the 3 pumpkin dishes, the dessert and we also ended up paying for the water for everyone. The wine that I drank my Dad bought for me and that was 5 Euros and we split it. So basically an extra 2.50 if you wanted to do the math. Yeah. And right now we’re just outside of the restaurant. Look it is right on the canal. Yeah. Tada. So in terms of the food yeah the quality was really good.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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