Meraviglia Slow Living is a complex of seven luxury suites located in Preveza, Greece, designed in 2021 by Block722.


The complex of seven luxury suites, is situated οn a plot of eight acres, in the outskirts of Preveza. The refined simplicity and minimalistic architecture bring “Meraviglia Slow Living” in total harmony with its surroundings.

The suites are extended in two levels. On the ground floor, one will find the living area connecting to the exterior pool. From the bedroom on the first floor, the unobstructed views to the sea give a sense of place.

The Scandinavian design influences are combined with Greek furniture and local materials to yield an earthy warm feeling in absolute symmetry with nature. The outer stone wall was constructed using rocks from the surrounding area while in the courtyard, aged cobblestones are spread between the gardens.

A lot of the suite’s features, such as the mosaic floor, are handmade and all the materials are carefully chosen to allow for a carefree barefoot living.

The complex is surrounded by a lush garden of rosemary and lavender herbs. The roofs are also planted, assisting to maintain a pleasurable room temperature.

Photography by Spyros Hound

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