Rugged, tactical, and yet seductively refined. If you are curious to know which military watch is among my all-time favorites, just look down at my wrist.

You’ll find I’m wearing an MTM Special Ops watch.

It’s a men’s watch built for action, one that’s ready for anything, and ultimately, as close to the pinnacle of perfection for everyday carry enthusiasts as it gets.

No matter if you’re a modern adventurer, military soldier, law enforcement officer, outdoorsman, or simply a gentleman with a respectable taste for fashion, chances are MTM Special Ops has the right timepiece for you.

Regardless of which model you choose, one thing is certain, dependability is yours for the taking. With beautiful watches engineered to withstand extreme conditions, what more could you ask for?

Perhaps a watch that incorporates UV light to detect blood unseen to the naked eye… Or how about a radiation exposure level display? The brightest internal and external lights ever seen in a watch to covertly read maps or send an emergency signal across a vast distance?

Well guess what, MTM Special Ops watches has already done it!


MTM Special Ops Watch Quick Highlights:

Inner And Outer Roating Bezels On Mtm Hypertec H 61 Watch

Ex-military company founder
Designed, developed, engineered and assembled in the USA. (Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA)
GSA approved and Mil-Spec Compliant timepieces.
Each watch individually numbered.
Fabricated from either a solid block of titanium or 316L stainless steel.
Locked case back and locked screw down crown.
Water resistant depth of at least 300-600 feet.
Up to 3,300 feet water resistance with SEAL model.
A customizable case, dial, band.
Sapphire Crystal glass. (Anti Reflective and Scratch Resistant +/ Ultraviolet Protective Coating)
MTM’s Proprietary Swiss Quartz movement / Japanese Quartz movement


MTM Special Ops Hypertec H-61 Watch Review

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Dual Bezel Mtm Special Ops Hypertec H61 Reviews

Beyond the standard shipping box and sharp looking black watertight barracuda box, you’ll find one of my favorite MTM Special Ops watches, the Hypertec H-61.

It arrives with a custom combination that includes a Stainless Steel Black PVD Finish Case, Black dial with Lumi Numbers (Lumi II), and a 270mm Green Nylon NATO strap. Of course, this is just one combination… You may be surprised to know that you can choose from 3 case finishes (Black PVD, Brush Silver, and Sandblasted Gray), 8 dials (including the first ever, solid blue dial) and an army of different straps (30+). Best of all, MTM Special Ops’ website lets you configure and personalize your watch while seeing exactly what the end result will look before ordering. Creating a tailored timepiece that fits your own unique and individual taste couldn’t be easier.

On the exterior, you’ll find a locking, screen down crown. Simply turn it towards you (clockwise) until it pops out slightly, then gently pull it out until you hear a faint click. Now you can adjust the short, rear red hand. Pull the crown out further until it clicks and you can now adjust the super-luminous hour and minute hands. Continue to turn to adjust the date window. To secure the crown in place, push it back inwards and turn counterclockwise.

Below the crown, you will a secondary knob for adjusting the dual directional, inner bezel. The adjustment operation is incredibly silky smooth yet, secure enough to where any clothing or object that may brush up against the knob will not shift previous adjustments out of place.

Above the inner bezel, you will find the unidirectional ratcheting outer bezel. Each counterclockwise turn is met with a firm but not overly tight, distinctive locking click. Much like the inner bezel adjustment, the outer bezel functionality feels exceptionally well-made.

Moving closer towards the dial rests a beautiful sapphire crystal that’s anti-reflective and scratch resistant. Just below are superluminous minute and hour hands, rather modern and stylish numerals that are slightly raised from the surface, a red/white seconds hand, 24-hour military time markings and a GMT indicator.

You’ll also find a date window with a white background and black numbers. In terms of negatives, not having a black background with white numerals for the date is about the only real complaint I have with this watch. In reality, it’s so minor it really doesn’t even matter. With so many variations I can understand the combination being more universal.

To finish things off, there is a reflective MTM Special Ops logo at the very bottom of the dial. I’m glad they went with silver as it blends in smoothly whereas other watchmaker logos can be quite tacky and overly colorful/distracting.

Of course, considering there are 8 dials to choose from, your watches dial may appear slightly different from mine.


316l Solid Stainless Steel Mtm Special Ops Hypertec H 61 Watch

Anti Reflective Sapphire Glass Mtm Hypertec H 61 Watch

Back Of Case Mtm Special Ops Mens Hypertec H 61 Black Watch Review

Black Dial Lumi Numbers Lum Ii Hypertec H 61 Mens Watch Review

Hypertec H 61 270mm Green Nylon Nato Watch Strap

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Stainless Steel Black Pvd Finish Case Mtm Special Ops Hypertec H 61 Watch

Beyond the dial rests a Swiss Quartz movement with a silver oxide battery rated to a maximum of 4 years. To ensure your investment remains functional aside from a quality movement, the MTM Special Ops Hypertec H-61 watch features a locking case back with a 330 Feet/ 100 Meters water resistance.

At the back of the Hypertec H-61, you’ll find a Stainless Steel cover that also features a Black PVD Finish. Deeply engraved on the rear is the MTM Special Ops logo, the model (Hypertec H-61, of course), and a unique, individual production number.

In terms of weight, fit and feel, the Hypertec H-61 is considerably lightweight for a luxury men’s watch with plenty of tactical and military charm. At 4.7 oz. it feels extremely natural on the wrist without being too heavy or uncomfortable. The 42 mm case size with a 12 mm thickness is in my mind, the perfect dimensions to have when it comes to a modern male’s timepiece. It’s not too overpowering/in your face nor is it too small/hard to see; it’s sized just right to be honest.

When it comes to comfort, the 270mm Green Nylon NATO strap I choose is rock solid and it feels wonderful to wear. Should I wish to change it out for another color, or perhaps go with another material like rubber, metal, etc. it’s as simple as using an (included) allen key to remove 2 screws on the lug ends. An included push rod makes removing the inner metal bar and tiny circular spring a process that only takes half a second. It’s as simple as it gets.

For 24 hours of wear and beyond, the MTM Spec Ops Hypertec H-61 watch is a winner in my book. It has easily made its way into my essential everyday carry gear. All in all, for what you’d spend in comparison to other tactical/military men’s watches at a similar price point, it’s a no-brainer to go with the Hypertec H-61. Needless to say, I love mine!


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MTM Special Ops Watch Collection

Mtm Special Ops Watches Collection For Men

While the Hypertec H-61 is my personal favorite watch, MTM Spec Ops offers far more models to choose from.

Their collection includes Falcon, Cobra, Patriot, Silencer, RAD, Warrior, Vulture, SEAL and Air Stryk. If I had to choose a few, the SEAL, Cobra and Air Stryk II have really captured my attention. Among those watches, you’ll find things like a titanium construction, 3,300 feet water resistance, digital display, etc. depending on which one you pick.

With that said, if you’re into tactical timepieces check out MTM Spec Ops Watch, and I’m sure you’ll be as pleased with owning one of their watches as I am.


Mtm Special Ops Logo Special Feature


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