Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Today our theme is warm and comfortable jackets, in the collection of men’s fashionable sweater, men’s sweater 2019. The sweater was originally designed for medical purposes, it is recommended that the full people in order to lose weight, the name comes from the English. sweat. Men’s sweater is a cardigan with a high collar stand, contrast, the cardigan has no collar and ends at the top of the neck under the throat.

Today fashion men’s sweater and cardigan is the perfect warm clothes for cool summer days and also for cold weather in the offseason and winter. Men’s cardigan and sweater can be associated manually or using machine-knit, with their thermal properties, retains any kind of production. Often fashionable men’s sweater, sweater photo is decorated with a variety of designs, patterns, decorative embroidery, different ways of binding etc.

In addition, men’s fashionable sweater allows in cold weather without the use of the scarf, a high collar stand perfectly protects the neck and throat from the chilly wind and low temperature. Especially well these types of jackets are ideal for walks in nature, trips or travel, as well as for any active lifestyle. Often men’s fashionable sweater is worn under a winter jacket that not only gives the body warm, but also looks great in the set with the jacket.

Current trends spring-summer 2019:

A variety of colors and different styles, which allows everyone to choose for themselves the most suitable, comfortable, fashionable, practical, warm men’s cardigan or sweater. Various designs, styles, designs and patterns make these jackets perfect clothes for the cold season. Let us see the most interesting models of spring-summer season 2019

Men’s knitted sweater spring — summer 2019

Men’s knitted sweater is appreciated for softness, comfort and coziness. Tie, shirt, and jacket components of the image of status and business man, commanding respect, but that is not very convenient. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Business style – it is the Association with my work. Jeans and a t-shirt or t-shirt – the style is very informal, and seriousness in a man in a similar way to search is unlikely. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Clothes fit for visits to cafes and walks with friends. The sweater stands out. It is difficult to name the style, which corresponds to the cozy piece. Home, family, studies – such associations arise at the mention of sweaters. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019The comfort of home, winter vacation and cottage is also a sweater. Models are divided into two large groups: for every day and for the weekend. Daily practical and simple. Usually they are plain, without pattern or with a small number of them. They are knit from a not very warm yarn, so it is supposed wearing them under other clothes or in the room.Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019

Among the conservative models sweater with a cutout in the shape of the letter «V» of the season spring-summer 2019. He refers to the universal options: t-shirts, jeans, tailored trousers, a shirt to match the model with many styles, and the shirt collar is better spread over the neck. With perfect quality sweater fits perfectly on the figure, hiding excessive thinness, making it visually slimmer too big man. Additionally diversifies closet sweater m warm in the cold. But many men don’t think about the different designs and styles of sweaters can wear in different ways, using fully all their possibilities.

Men’s sweaters with pattern spring — summer 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019

The choice of the ornament on the sweater to be individual, there is no special fashion rules. Wanted yellow with red — please chose the white-blue — also on health. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019The ornaments this year have become more graphic, men’s fashion is not rich in flowing lines in the drawings, but the sharp edges and strict lines missing

Mens sweaters with prints spring — summer 2019

Cage, diamonds, stripes — all of these patterns have long been added to the classic, but the question for designers is always a new answer. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Prints with each season becoming more complex, and more interesting colors, fashion palette will have to choose from the grey, marsh brown.

Men’s sweater – style Abstractionism spring – summer 2019

Designers still can’t do without experimentation and we have it on hand, stores in the end there is always something special, original. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019 Abstract patterns and washed out colors of this season are pleasing to the eye, they dilute neutral seasonal wardrobe.

Sweater with the neck spring – summer 2019 — a fresh look

To produce a fashionable impression need a sweater from original material or with an unusual approach to design. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019 This can be a special pattern or fabric with a NAP, and in General, what will bring the trend in the image.

Black sweater with the neck of a season spring – summer 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019

Special attention deserves the black sweater with a throat. It is quite similar to standard hand made its design is present noble cashmere, but the design marked a special elegant charm.

How to choose a quality men’s sweater?

First and foremost, tell a small classification jerseys, which will help you to properly combine and select them for the rest of my clothes. A normal sweater is an independent and one-piece item of clothing, he usually has no clasps or buttons that distinguishes him from sweaters and cardigans.Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Usually men’s sweaters thick enough and supplemented by a dense collar. Another kind of sweaters – this pullover, it fits snugly over the body, also has no buckles, different from sweaters V-neck sweater could not be better combined with a men’s shirt. This option is mens sweaters is very popular and a favorite style among a strong half of society. If the neck is not V-shaped and round, this men’s sweater is called a jumper, the shape of the neckline, it can be called a less formal and binding than a pullover.Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019

The choice of material of the sweater. Knitwear is usually associated with wool, these options are the most warm and practical, but the variations of fine knitwear suitable for winter weather, they even sometimes tuck in pants and wear under a jacket. Of course, in the wardrobe should have some sweaters for different occasions and weather. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019 However, remember that when you buy a sweater from the wool, it is better to give preference to the model that incorporates a little synthetic, as this additive will prolong the longevity of your product and make it more resistant to washing and other deformations. On autumn time, you can choose sweater in cotton and acrylic, they form a rather warm combination, but at the same time, not as much as the variations of wool.Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019

By purchasing a sweater, be sure to examine the seams – they should be tight, without gaps and loose threads, because such defects for long you are carrying such a model. If the surface of the fabric seen even the smallest and unremarkable pilling, this sweater is better left on the shelf, otherwise after the first wash, you risk not to know. Модные мужские свитера весна-лето 2019Note the elasticity for a sweater or any other knitted product lasts as long as possible, his cuffs and the bottom must be equipped with an elastic band that will allow you to keep the original shape.