Blue may be your favorite color. It is cute because this color can go well with anything that you want to use it with, such as decor and furniture. Blue is pretty flexible and matches a lot of things for the indoor layout. You can just try a blue sofa with your favorite design and fabric as a furniture in your home. We are sure that it will be a pretty furniture for your living room with its wonderful look. You can choose This sofa can draw an attention of your guests. You can take a look below and tell us what you think about these blue sofa.

Classy Sofa for White Living Room

This blue sofa is perceived as being slightly more formal. It is used in a living room and gives out an elegant and classy vibe with the white wall and a big white coffee table.

Navy Blue Sofa

Behind this navy blue sofa is a spacious space that you can put a Homestar 4-shelf bookcase.  This sofa and a big beige stuff ottoman have got a nice placement.

A Neat Living Room Concept

The color and style of these sofas really suit this living room with high ceiling. The furniture arrangement features a wood coffee table in the center and two brown leather armchair near the fireplace.

Furniture for Exposed Red Brick Wall

This room has a tufted blue sofa, two blue armchairs, a low coffee table, and the exposed red brick wall. That combination creates a great view in this room.

Conversational Seating with Velvet Blue Sofas

This conversational seating has beautiful jewel blue velvet sofas with gold accent and unique mirrored tables. This is an inspiration for a formal and open concept living room.

Blue and White Colors Combination

White walls, the white windows, and the medium tone wood floor contrast well with the dark blue sofa in this room. This room will not seem too bright because of this sofa.

A Broad Living Room with Blue Sofas

This living room features two blue sofas, oversized coffee table, area rug, fireplace, painting, chandelier, big windows, and curtains. It looks wide and neat for a formal living room.

Blue Sofa and Blue Tufted Ottoman

Here is another living room that has blue and white color combination. It has a blue sofa, blue tufted ottoman, blue and white rug, white shade, and two beautiful paintings on the white wall.

A Sky Blue Sofa with Chaise

A good shape and color for the open concept living room, the clean lines of the silver metal legs on the sofa, and silver side table are good for pulling together the whole room. The sky blue sofa with chaise will make you feel joy.

A Trendy Living Room with An Attractive Rug

The best spot for the pillows on the sofa depends on the configuration of it. But generally, you can place them on any side as you want. But, you should make sure that your living room should not be overcrowded.


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