A house with a fireplace existence will be filled with the warmth from it. Besides keeping your home and people there warm, the fireplace is also a special architectural feature in your home. There are many kinds of fireplace you can build. In general, a fireplace can consist of the woodpile and a stone or brick fireplace wall. but if you want to have a small and unique fireplace without keeping the woodpile, you can have a candle fireplace. You can choose the general candles or LED ones. It will be a cute feature in your living area. The following are some dazzling fireplace candle ideas that will inspire you to create a unique fireplace.

Colonial Touch

This room has the classic colonial touch. It has a lovely white mantel and tile fireplace. Near the fireplace, striped armchairs, and a brown ottoman are placed on the patterned area rug. It can be a very comfortable space.

Traditional Living in Blue

A traditional bedroom will be perfect with fireplace candle ideas. The candle fireplace adds the traditional vibe into the room. This bedroom is also filled with the blue hue which is so relaxing and brightening.

Fireplace in A Modern Room

You can add a traditional fireplace although your room has a modern style. This brick fireplace features candles, a wooden mantel and iron doors. The grey wall makes this fireplace become the main point on the wall.

Fireplace Candle Ideas for Living Room

Clustering candles together is a quick and smoke-free way to create a nice fireplace. You don’t need to use special occasions as the reasons to light them. You can use this fireplace daily to lift up your gloomy day.

Candle Fireplace and Hidden TV

This large elegant living room offers a comfortable seating space. A candle fireplace and a hidden TV is placed as an entertainment purpose. The TV is hidden above the fireplace by door panels which are custom made out of picture frames.

A Cozy Bathroom with Candle Fireplace

Not only a family room and a living room can be added with fireplace candle ideas. This bathroom has a candle fireplace built next to the tub. It is perfect for keeping your whole body warm and cozy.

Modern Fireplace Candle Ideas

This candle fireplace has a modern and compact design. It is a built-in fireplace on the wall between the glass windows. It is a slab called Dark Emperador.

Custom Slab Candle Fireplace

Here is another custom slab fireplace. It is a bluestone fireplace with candles and traditional soapstone firebox. You can put a flower vase or some candle additions on the counter in front of the fireplace.

A Glamorous Fireplace

This glamorous family room features silver seating, dark ottomans wooden floor, white walls, and marble candle fireplace. There is also a mirror put behind the candles.

The Clean Look of Fireplace Candle Ideas

Everyone can see the clean look of this candle fireplace and shelves. The candle fireplace is made by applying the stacked stone over the brick.


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