Neoclassical decor first emerged in 18th-century Britain and France, drawing from classic Roman and Greek architecture and art. It originally highlighted ornamental columns and reliefs, gilted accessories, plush swags, and opulent furniture. As time moved on, the neoclassical interior style evolved to include chic modern pieces that gently meld with the classical influence. Now, the transitional neoclassical interiors that we feature here today have a bolder and sometimes more minimalist modernity driven through highly ornamental surroundings. The juxtaposition of uber contemporary against intricate classical detailing creates inspiring spaces that are firmly planted in the present, with a wistful glance over the shoulder to the elegant past.

Visualizer: Kut Victor & Ivan Petechel    

In the first of our three featured home interiors, we visit an impressive, lofty ceilinged living room that is blessed with a parade of dramatic double doors. A large area rug gathers the lounge furniture at the centre of the large room, beneath low hanging modern pendant lights.

A fireplace flickers warmly amidst the cool white decor. A white marble topped TV stand occupies the wide alcove on one side of the hearth, whilst a matching sideboard fills out the other.

The tufted modular sofa is detailed with copper embellishments, which add an unexpected twist to the pale upholstery. A piece of modern abstract art draws coppery brown tones to wall space behind the couch.

In the kitchen, a contemporary dining room pendant light descends upon a modern table. Two simple yet stylish wall sconces light the wall nearby.

Rounded modern dining chairs and a unique dining bench team up with the oval dining table to make a curvaceous set.

The unique dining set backs directly onto the kitchen island, which is surrounded with a white marble upstand to prevent water escaping from its sink area.

A minimalist brass faucet elegantly serves the integrated marble sink.

A modern chandelier helps to visually anchor a small sitting space, which lands on a round rug. A small sofa and matching sage green lounge chair face each other in a conversational arrangement across a round coffee table.

The seating area sits in audience to a wonderful grand piano. A second, matching modern chandelier is hung in the piano room, where it waits to cast a spotlight on the talent.

The modern home office is furnished with abstract, minimalist furniture. White marble blocks support a simple wooden desk top, whilst plain wooden wall shelves float without brackets or ornament.

A minimalist window seat is flanked by linear, glass fronted storage units.

A grey swivel chair compliments the subtle grey vein in the marble accented desk design.

In the master bedroom, a freestanding headboard wall moves the upholstered bed into the centre of the room. A modern wall sconce illuminates each side of the wood clad volume, casting soft light over two round bedside tables.

A third wall sconce lights up the corner of the bedroom, where a bedroom chair makes a comfortable spot for reading or dressing.

A working fireplace gives the bedroom a luxurious visual and physical warmth. A modern painting draws the eye up to appreciate the generous ceiling height of the room.

Inside the bathroom, a double sink bathroom vanity and twin bathroom mirrors create a privacy screen between the door and the bathtub.

The shower enclosure pushes the freestanding bathtub into the window light.

Classical door moulding and deep crown moulding give the bathroom an opulent finish.

The second, smaller double bedroom features the same grey upholstered bed design set upon an understated grey bedroom rug.

Identical black bedside tables wing the upholstered headboard, and another bedroom fireplace flickers at the foot.

This time around, glass fronted closets add light storage to the room.

Visualizer: Nikita Binkevich  

Next, we travel to a home in Moscow where a unique textured rug makes a big statement beneath an arc floor lamp. A linear light track slices up across an attractive trim of highly decorative coving.

A gold coffee table harks back to the gilded trims of 18th-century neoclassical design. 3D wall art plays upon the idea of classical stucco relief.

Statement lounge chairs dash boldly contrasting black and white print into the arrangement.

A low sideboard divides the open plan living room between the lounge area and the dining space. A trio of graceful counterbalanced pendant lights illuminate the length of a white marble dining table.

Square-framed dining chairs create hard linear contrast with the smoothly curved racetrack outline of the stone tabletop.

A tall plant stand supports the cascading limbs of a majestic bonsai tree.

The fabulous tree curves around the window reveal to merge with the view, which can be observed from a romantic window seat.

Visualizer: Ivan Honcharenko  

In our final home tour, futuristic tube lights strike parallel tracks of searingly bright illumination across an exquisitely decorative neoclassical ceiling treatment. Below, a cushiony tufted sofa fashions an L-shaped border around the lounge area.

A round coffee table largely fills the centre of the space, which is minimalistically softened with a plain grey area rug.

A contemporary fireplace lays low across the marble clad TV wall.

Black window blinds darkly shade an impressive dual aspect window. Traditional panel moulding smartly trims fresh white painted walls.

Two biscuit-brown lounge chairs warm up the cool white and grey lounge palette.

A set of narrow shelves fill the sliver of wall space left over by the window to achieve a fully-fitted and customised look.

Behind the lounge, a large dining room chandelier pulls wide across the table.

The upholstered dining chairs surround the table with chunky modern silhouettes.

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