Matcha Green Tea Taste Test | Trying Unique Japanese Food Items

Matcha Green Tea Taste Test | Trying Unique Japanese Food Items

Come join us for a Japanese Matcha Green Tea taste test as we sample numerous Japanese food items such chocolates, biscuits, cookies and ice cream in our apartment in Tokyo, Japan. Overall we tried the following snacks:

1) Japanese green tea matcah chocolates
2) Green Tea Matcha Kit Kat
3) Green Tea Pocky Sticks
4) Green Tea cookies
5) Green tea mochi
6) Green tea ice cream
7) Green tea drinks

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Japanese Matcha Green Tea Taste Test | Trying Unique Japanese Food Items in Tokyo, Japan Video Transcript:

We have another taste test for you. And as you can probably see everything is looking rather green. Today we have decided to do Matcha snacks or green tea flavored snacks and this is everything we could find. We went to Don Quijote the discount store and basically they have an entire wall where it was all green tea products.

We’ve basically grabbed everything. And we do have one more item that is in the fridge. It is green tea ice cream. In the freezer.

We’re going to be starting out with this. We’ll save the ice cream for last. Let’s get started. Green tea action.

So the big question is what are we going to start with? There is a lot of yummy looking stuff. Let’s just dig right in.

The one closest to us. Meiji rich matcha biscuits. It seems like a chocolate cookie with maybe matcha icing. Or matcha filling.
You can really smell the matcha. Dark chocolate and matcha icing.

This kind of looks like green tea chocolate. The front it like a green tea chocolate with a cookie on the back. I’m tasting the crunchiness of the cookie and the chocolate is pretty creamy.

These are cookies. It looks like thin maybe like shortbread cookies with a green tea icing.

This looks like mochi. It is green. Check out this there is four little balls and then a little fork. It is more like a jelly.

Pocky Sticks. It is kind of like a pretzel covered in chocolate and in this case a green tea like matcha flavored chocolate. There are lots of sticks. I think even the pretzel itself is matcha flavored because it is a light green color. With a hint of bitterness.

I’m going to open this next box. It says chococo. It looks like it is a green tea cookie. With a chocolate base and like some chocolate drizzled over top of it. These kind of feel like After 8 mints. Yeah they are quite thin. They are shaped round. On the bottom it appears to be a chocolate layer and then a matcha cookie.The matcha is very subtle

This is the Crunky. It looks like it might be a chocolate bar. That is like green chocolate. Check out the bumps on the back.Lotte brand.
It has like cookie crumbs in the chocolate. Green chocolate. That is pretty good. It is actually crunchy. It is kind of like the puffed rice. It is pretty sweet. Matcha latte and cookie.

We did a Kit Kat taste test a few days ago. One of the flavors we got was green tea matcha because when in Japan. We’re going to try one of these once more as part of this green tea flavored snacks video.

It is pretty smooth. This just has a subtle green tea matcha taste.

We’ve got the drink. Let’s do green tea. It is called Oi Ocha. This is something that you can find at any convenience store in Japan. It is really nice and is has no sugar added. It is natural and refreshing.

Here comes the ice cream. It is Meiji brand. I wonder if it smells like it? One of the nice street food snacks you can get in Japan is soft serve green tea ice cream.

It is not as sweet as I thought it would be. It does have a distinct green tea flavor. More refreshing than it is milky. Smooth isn’t it. That is our last item for this green tea taste test. This was mostly like dessert items very sweet little treats.

We hope you guys enjoyed this Matcha Green Tea Taste Test. Nothing too weird but now you know when in Japan there is definitely some matcha stuff you can try.

We’ll see you soon with more Japan food and travel videos

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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