Learn how to give your room a complete budget friendly makeover| Master Bedroom Makeover| Before and After| Room Reveals| Pink and Purple Room Decor| Bedroom Ideas| Room Overhaul Ideas| Budget Friendly Transformations| Before and After| Room IdeasMood Board: Master Bedroom Makeover Plan , do hop on over and check it out. I’ve shared the items/pieces that I bought, which was “not so surprisingly” all online.

I had a blast transforming my room since it definitely needed it!

In today’s post I will share the Before and After side by side so we all can see how much improvement has taken place.

Without further Ado let us begin the Final Reveal.

Modern Bookshelf in this little space and that finally happened, it looks perfect here.

Clear glass Brass hanging frame I bought off Amazon and I placed a pretty colorful paper with split Palm leaf I had leftover from my Decoupaged Gold Accent Table project and placed it inside the frame.

floor lamp because that area definitely needed some Light.

The Copper and Gold Palm Leaf Wall Arts that you see behind the chair on the wall was my little DIY creation and you guys will get to see the full Tutorial for it in upcoming weeks.

Throw Pillow  as well that I created a few months ago.

The color combination was perfect to be used in the bedroom.

I also moved my Kilim Bench in the space and placed it in front of my bed.

Adding this white Faux fur foot stool with hairpin legs to go with the Chair turned out to be a really good idea.

Copper Plantar I had in mind.


triangle shelf turned out to be the perfect missing piece that the corner needed with the Gold and Copper Wall Art.

Ikat Nightstand but I just wanted to make a slight change and that was too add some hairpin legs to the bottom.

Also the height of the nightstand wasn’t at the level of the bed so it desperately needed the legs to be equal.

bed skirt hid those ugly metal legs of the bed that was showing before.

Teal color duvet cover which came with two of the same colored pillow covers.

I also bought two purple colored covers to go with the Accent chair and in general with the theme of the room.

throw on top of the bed to break up the Teal color a bit.

This Southwestern wall art, the minute I saw it , I fell in love with.

I knew I could DIY it but I found this at Ross for so cheap that I instantly just bought it.

Abstract Console Table.

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