Mashpi Lodge gives guests the opportunity to explore the surrounding cloud forest’s immense biodiversity.

Intimately intertwined with the jungle’s natural density, Mashpi Lodge is an immensely serene, deeply immersive experience in the heart of an otherwise treacherous land. It’s hard to believe the whitewashed stone structure was erected to stand tall amidst conditions that are constantly damp.

The property inhabits Mashpi Reserve, Ecuador’s most beloved cloud forest, set in in the heart of the Equatorial Chocó Bio-Region and regarded as one of the planet’s most important hot spots of biodiversity. In order to create the ultimate hideaway in the forest, it took a village. All 22 rooms are set intimately within the canopy, offering floor-to-ceiling views of the dewy leaves that rest around the perimeter of the property.
A capsule in the middle of it all, the property also features a two-story dining room that serves both coastal and Andean delicacies and has an open, panoramic terrace, where a pergola-style roof offers the perfect shade under which to read a book.
Upon entering the hotel grounds, it’s clear that the place is run by scientists. After selecting the appropriate rain boot size, new guests are ushered into an orientation, where one of Mashpi’s trained naturalists details an overview of the land guests will explore during their stay.
Due to the lodge’s remote location, access to rare fauna and flora is immense, and the team at Mashpi is well equipped to guide travelers through the thick vegetation. Before stepping into the forest, it’s important to be aware of where you place your hands. Drooping branches of a plant may seem innocent, but if you were to grab particular plants when, say, bracing yourself for a fall, you’d end up with a palm full of splinters. Words of advice like these, shared by the lodge’s staff, are vital for journeying along the jungle floor without encountering trouble.

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