Ah! I’m so excited to share this today! It is literally a dream come true. We have a three page feature in Martha Stewart Weddings this month! I remember the first time I discovered Martha Stewart Living at my neighbor’s house and I thought I had found God. I grew up on all the Martha magazines and even planned my wedding taking in every detail of every page. I cannot emphasize enough the impact these magazines have had on me. (I still have every issue of every magazine here in the Oh Happy Day studio.) The people that worked there were the best of the best. They set the precedent for pretty much everything anyone is doing online now. We still reference magazines that are 10 years old and they are still relevant and feel fresh and timeless.

When they reached out to do a story on Oh Happy Day and our party supplies we were so excited. We came up with the concept of a French Kiss wedding shower. And worked through all the details of a French inspired shower (especially featuring our French Beach Drink Umbrellas we invented!) Naomi DeManana the editor came up with some of the detail ideas (like those genius lipstick favors!) and our team crafted everything and she came out and styled the story in our studio last Fall. It was such a fun experience and was such a dream come true. Read the article here.






Feature Written by Natalie Ermann Russell
Martha Stewart Wedding Photos by Aaron Wojack