Here is our little model Edin, this time as Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Not that he’s seen Ghostbusters just yet but we think it might be the cutest character of the whole movie. Let’s see how we did it:

marshmallow man costume

To collect:  One size up bodysuit onesie. Ours here is c/o Primary (it’s Marshmallow Man, you want it to look kind of baggy) and a glue gun. Add a little extra stuffing to the belly if you want!

To make the bib: Cut a hole in the middle of the blue felt sheet to fit though your baby’s head, add white felt trim all around and cut a couple ribbons of red felt. Glue those on the back of the bib.

To make the hat: Glue a strip of the blue felt and make one more red ribbon (a bit longer so it hangs on the side), hot glue it on top of the beret.

To buy:  Felt in red blue and white. A white fleece baby French beret.


marshmallow man costume

Keep that bodysuit somewhere handy, your baby will fit on it in no time! Also, get rid of the red ribbons and reuse your costume as a little sailor.

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