My long time readers will know that I love colorful and funky statement rings! And I love using simple supplies to to make my own.

I am still loving Easy Marble (not sponsored) because you can use it on so many different surfaces. Recently I had the idea to marble some small wood slices to create light weight statement rings.

Easy Marble is a lightfast, quick drying paint that you can use on all kinds of surfaces. I’ve used a variety supplies to create a marbled effect- spray paint and nail polish and acrylic paint but Easy Marble is the best product I’ve tried. 
Simply drop colors into a pan of water and swirl the color around. I wanted the design on my rings to look like an agate slice so I swirled the colors in a circle over and over again.
Dip the wood slice into the color and pull it out!

I used E6000 jewelry adhesive to adhere the wood slices to ring backs.
The result are colorful and funky statement rings!
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