Ah…marble, such a precious and beautiful material, so elegant and so wonderfully versatile, even a small piece can make a big difference in a room’s interior decor. That being said, let’s check a few interesting ways in which you can use a marble shelf to make your home more chic and stylish. The combination is pretty great because shelves are versatile and easy to work with by nature and marble is simply timeless, no matter how you put it and we’re actually talking about the marble look not the material itself.

There are a few easy and creative ways of building marble shelves without actually making them out of a solid block of marble. One option is to use marble tiles and a simple wooden board. Try to avoid cutting the tiles if possible. Measure the wood and cut it to size (in this case the board is as big as 2 marble tiles), paint it and glue the tiles on. After that you have to figure out the hanging mechanism. The project featured on abeautifulmess suggests metal brackets.

A possibility is to skip the part where you attach the marble tiles to the wooden board and to just use the tiles individually, as they are. Check out Abubblylife to find out how you can hang such a shelf using leather cord. Keep in mind that this is not a shelf designed for storage but rather for displaying lightweight items on, like a planter for instance. Think of this project as a small decorative addition to an already well-balanced room decor.

Try to picture marble in combination with other materials so you can come up with stylish design ideas for your shelves. For example, marble and copper can be a nice combo. The idea is to use a copper-plated tubing hook to hang a marble tile shelf without the need of brackets which are often less than satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view. The idea comes from Themerrythought where the project also suggests using a leather strip to cover up the underside of the copper hook and also to provide more stability for the shelf.

A marble shelf can look great in any room, serving as a decorative element but also as a practical design feature, depending on the room. This bathroom, for instance, features a very stylish marble storage shelf positioned nicely near the tub for easy access to toiletries and other things. The shelf matches the marble counter on the vanity so there’s also a very nice cohesion throughout the room. {found on inoutdesignblog}.

In this kitchen, the marble shelf looks like a natural continuation of the backsplash which in turn matches the countertop. The shelf is useful for storing and organizing spice jars, books, kitchen utensils but also herb planters, vases, even framed photos and other decorative items. It work here because there are no wall-mounted cabinets above the backsplash. {found on nytimes}.

This marble-edges shelf is actually made of wood for the most part. The marble sides are just a refined design feature which makes the otherwise rustic shelf look extra elegant and chic. The wood is not finished so keep it away from humid environments. It would, however, look lovely in a bedroom or a living room. Check out this lovely product on anthropologie.

Marble shelves can also look lovely in the nursery room. These ones, for instance, feature golden brackets which provide a stylish contrast. They hold books, toys, tiny planters and a few other decorations and although they are pretty eye-catching they definitely don’t overpower the rest of the room’s interior decor. Check out saquinsandstripes for more pictures of the room.

We mentioned that you can have a marble shelf without actually using any marble. One way to achieve that is with marble effect contact paper. Basically you just wrap a piece of wood in contact paper and voila!….your new marble shelf. It’s a neat and inexpensive trick which you can master with ease. For more details on the project, check out the tutorial provided on swoonworthy.

The marble shelf fits perfectly in this bathroom given that it’s attached to a marble wall. The goal is not to make the shelf stand out but in fact to let in blend in seamlessly and to achieve a minimalist design.

Open shelves are very practical, in some spaces more than in others. Kitchens are great candidates because there’s usually a series of accessories that need to always be close at hand. A marble shelf can be the ideal solution, especially if it matches a marble backsplash, as shown here. Check out NYtimes for the complete tour of the house.

Here’s another marble shelf that seems to seamlessly disappear into the wall. Open shelves are very practical in the kitchen and this one is the ideal solution for allowing the backdrop to become a decor feature. Of course, this type of design limits the kitchen’s storage capabilities to only the bottom cabinetry. {found on travelist}

Marble shelves can also complement a tiled backdrop, as exemplified on planete-deco. The white subway tiles give the kitchen a very classy look and the marble shelves emphasize that in a chic and elegant manner. The copper pipe accents provide just the right amount of color and style contrast to this corner.

Open shelves are also very practical in the bathroom. In fact, they’re ideal for shower enclosures because they help to store toiletries and other things close at hand and accessible and they don’t take up any floor space. Also, they can be installed at any height. Further more, a marble shelf can also add a bit of style and elegance to the space.

Seamlessly integrating marble shelves into a kitchen’s interior decor is easy, especially if there’s also a marble countertop in there as well. Little things like shelves or even a marble cutting board can help to harmonize the space and to give a beautiful appearance, allowing the focus to be not only on functionality but also on aesthetics. {found on marthastewart}.

Of course, the focus is not only on the shelf itself but also on the hardware that supports it. Think of all the details before you decide on the proportions, the placement and the actual design of your new marble shelf. If you like this particular design, check out coedition for more details.

While marble is timeless and will never go out of style, certain details in the design of even something as simple as a shelf are more or less linked to a particular style. For example, check out these sleek shelves featured on turbulences-deco. They’re versatile enough to look great in a variety of decors and settings but their minimalism suggests an inclination towards the contemporary style.

Both practical and pretty, this shelf is made out of a smooth slab of Carrara-style marble and is perfect for showcasing art, books, framed photos or collectibles on. The metal brackets have a brass finish which contrasts with the marble is a clear but harmonious way. Find out more on cb2.

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