The options of nail design is very diverse. One of the most original techniques with a wide choice of design options – nail decoration foil. This nail art is very bold, noticeable and immediately attracts attention to its owner. And it is not necessary to be a professional in order to carry it out.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Where did the fashion for manicure with foil?

That is why from year to year, from screens of TVs and computers in the life of every modern fashionista come new options for stylish nail art. Hollywood stars are considered to be the main trendsetter of fashion, and they certainly would never allow myself to go out without a nice manicure. Recently all more often on their handles you can see an amazing metal design. Sometimes this decoration they have to lay out huge sums of money. But beauty costs so expensive?

Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

The necessary materials, instruction, a little practice and you will succeed. Among the many types of foil it is important to choose any specific design option. Please note that the usual food foil, not suitable for nails. It will look unnatural, tough and will last only 2-3 days, while the design of the professional foil will delight you for almost a week.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Using foil and a developed imagination at home you can create a stylish nail art. This can be a solid metal design, French manicure, when the foil is applied only on the nail tip, nail art with flourishes and different patterns. Choose ideas according to your taste and bring them to life!

Fashion colors

Most often used for manicure foil and mica gold and silver. In 2019 they will not lose their relevance because they are similar to natural metal, and the natural trend of the season. However, both of the material presented in the widest range of colors, so it is not necessary to dwell on these two options.

Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 годаIn 2019 it’s a good idea to contact the warm pastel shades such as pale pink, powdery, peach, purple. This manicure will perfectly fit into any image.
Expressive will look deep, dark shades of green, blue, plum, cherry, wine – they will be especially good for an evening out.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

For the image of a passionate femme fatale classic color nail Polish is bright red, and foil this shade will look even more advantageous than lacquer.
Special attention deserves the holographic foil, which refracted the rays creating fancy transitions from one color to another, sometimes combining contrasting hues, such as pink and blue.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Manicure with gold foil 2019 photo

Metal cast coloured manicure, gold or silver nails are not losing their positions in the world of fashion. This design looks great at any holiday party and is able to turn a woman into a prom Queen. The technology of applying such a coating requires certain skills, but not necessarily make a brilliant manicure at the salon. If desired, every fashionista can master the skills of working with foil. From the variety of material determines how to use the foil for the nails. It is transferable, the voucher (not transferable), embossed, crinkled stripes, the minx. The surface can be matte, metallic, mirror-like, smooth or embossed.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Foil — a favorite manicure decor modern fashionistas. To make a bright, shiny nails, not only are the women visit the salon, but also seek to master the technique of decorating the nails with foil. Glue the foil on the nails is not so difficult. But this material is very fragile, so work with it carefully. What are necessary tools and means in order to do a manicure foil:

    Set for the treatment of nails: nail scissors, tweezers, nail files; foil of any kind; tweezers for working with foil; multicolor lacquers; lacquer-based and lacquer-fixer; cotton swabs; wipes; special glue or emulsion; brush for glue.

Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Easier to use transfer foil. Therefore, manicurists advise newcomers to start work on creating a design with foil for exactly that kind of material. Sets quality colorful transfer foil can be expensive to buy in the online store aliexpress. Foil in the form of wide strips Packed in jars. The set includes silver and gold colors, and numerous multi-colored stripes added at the customer’s preference.

Design nail foil gel Polish 2019

What woman does not strive to be perfect, elegant and beautiful. The most usual neat manicure can give a special mood, what can we say about the unusual juicy and bold ideas embodied with foil. Absolutely innovative nail art with a glossy effect cast precious metals for bright images and bold decisions. A manicure, with a certain set of skills, practices and presence of the foil, you can easily do at home. Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

If the manicure to combine the foil with the gel Polish, the result is an original, visually volumetric design. In addition, the manicure with the gel Polish and foil will allow you to enjoy its beauty for longer time and get rid of a headache – again to do a manicure. Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

The moon manicure with foil 2019

One of the most popular manicures with foil, along with Golden and French – the so-called lunar manicure. Its peculiarity is the combination of two contrasting colors of foil for nail Polish and definitely one needs to be very dark and the other light. Special attention is paid to «luecke» each nail, in fact, that’s why he has the same name. If you do the moon manicure with foil at home, for starters, you will need to do a regular manicure with rounded shape nails – by analogy with the form of the Lune. So it will look more harmonious and interesting. Especially popular are such combinations of foil in the moon manicure, black matte white or gloss gold and Matt blue – silver gloss.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

New year’s manicure with foil: fashion ideas innovations

Every modern girl puts a lot of effort to Shine in the night, and therefore think their way in advance. Manicure no less important than a beautiful hairdo and makeup. Fashion of stylists delights us with sets of different ideas and options in creating a festive stylish manicure using the foil.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Foil today – one of the most common and simple ways to create on nogtich beautiful and original drawings. Not just painted patterns and exquisite masterpieces that will add a touch of feminine nails the cut jewels. Manicure with foil, a photo that has a surprising abundance of options with each passing day it becomes more popular and relevant.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Matte manicure with foil

Matte surface always looks pretty special, delicate and precious, competing beauty with luxurious velvet, but to emphasize this beauty even more foil.
There are several ways to use foil on the Matt surface. The first option is to beat the contrast between the matte base and glitter foil. In this case, you can make patterns out of pieces cut from a metallic or holographic foil.
However, there is another way – the layer of varnish or gel Polish to make abstract prints with foil of any color, and then cover all this beauty matte top. Most advantageous to look rich colors on a black background, together they create an incredibly beautiful couple, elegant and reminiscent of both the velvet and rich brocade.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

French manicure

If you prefer to do a French manicure, then using the foil material can make an exquisite and extraordinary variant. Technology coating is the same, only the foil is applied in different parts of the nail plate, and with it is made the tip of the nail.

The combination of colors you can use any. Especially gorgeous looks Golden or silver tip on black nails.

Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Mirror manicure using foil

The main principle of mirror nail Polish — glossy reflective surface that creates a mirror effect on nails. As a rule, to create a nail design is selected such metallic shades like gold, silver and bronze. But often there are other options — for example, a variety of metallic colours, solid nails and a rainbow effect.

The most simple and quick option to create a mirror manicure using foil. In this case, it is not recommended to choose the paint, matching the tone of the foil.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

You can choose almost any hue that most like. Besides, depending on the selected color, completely different looks mirrored manicure.

A silvery hue. This is the most popular shade to create a mirror manicure. The color is almost imperceptible, but at the same time creates a neutral shiny surface where you interested in playing any reflection. At first glance, this manicure may seem unusual, cold but bright and adds independence and freedom. Silver manicure with mirror effect is the perfect complement urban style. Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 годаThe Golden hue. Golden manicure not only looks bright and extravagant, but also more demanding. This option is ideal for outing, party, however, it is not recommended to combine with the style kezhual. But those girls who prefer bright clothes and accessories that can complement the look with gold nails with a mirror surface. Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 годаBronze shade. Bronze mirror manicure looks neutral and can relate to the boho style. But he is not so familiar as a silvery or Golden hue. Also, you can safely choose a variety of colors with shades of yellow or pink. It is the sophistication and complexity of the bronze color will determine how bright and interesting looks mirrored manicure.
Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 годаThe pearl effect. Mirrored manicure that has the interesting effect of nacre, sends fashionistas to the style retro. For quite a long time, the pearl was considered outdated, but now it again becomes fashionable and popular. However, you should be very careful when choosing a shade of nail Polish. It is better to stop the choice on the pearl is not very intense color, as in this case it will be less noticeable. It is necessary to refuse too bright and funky colors, preferring the more restrained versions of the pearl. Extra Shine. The use of foil allows not only to create a solid, stylish manicure and give your nails extra Shine. This combines the mirror surface with glitter. As a rule, this manicure is best suited for a festive occasion or a night party, because casual style, it’s too flashy and extravagant.Маникюр с фольгой лучшие новинки 2019 года

Unusual and striking design with the use of shiny thin foil of different colors is one of the most fashionable and the latest trends in modern nail art. Despite the fact that this type of manicure has already got its fans, but not all ladies have learned to use this design in practice.