MAKING PAINT: BLUE IRIS πŸ¦‹ asmr & speedpaint

✨the crunch ✨

Thank you to the Choosing Keeping team for sending over many of the supplies used in this video (supply list below) !

🌿 website:
🌿 Instagram:

πŸ’§ Material List
🌿 Saiun-do Kyoto Nihonga Mineral Pigment Set , Blue Iris:
Saiun-do Kyoto Nihonga Mineral Pigment Set, Blue Iris
🌿 gum arabic
🌿 acacia honey
🌿 glycerin
🌿 distilled water
🌿 glass Muller & glass palette
🌿 mortar and pestle

πŸ’§ Material List (painting)
🌿 Arches hot pressed watercolor paper
🌿 Paint brush (WIDE):
🌿 Premium Saiun-do Paintbrush:
🌿 5 Tier Bone China Japanese Nihonga Palette:

πŸ’§ Other items featured:
🌿 Glass Light Mill:
Blue Light Mill, two sizes

0:00 – grinding pigments
12:21 – mulling the paint
38:48 – paint swatches
42:56 – painting process


πŸ’§ More info on the pigments?
🌿 these pigments are an exclusive collaboration between Choosing Keeping and a lovely pigment store called Saiun-do in Japan. I’ve talked about these pigments more extensively in my other recent videos as well.

πŸ’§Gloves & Respirator?
🌿 YES. I should 100000% be wearing gloves and a mask. If I wasn’t filming I would have. However, the last time I wore gloves in a paintmaking video, the sound of the gloves were unpleasant to listen to to many people. I decided for the sake of the video to omit them. However, yes. Gloves are very necessary especially if you are not working with pigments specifically made for Nihonga paintings.

πŸ’§ Why add honey?
🌿 this step is optional but i prefer to add it since it gives the paints a nice texture. it will also preserve moisture.