Deep-set eyes? The problem is you? As practice shows, no. And even with this characteristic appearance can be produced simply incredibly beautiful makeup.

Just look at these stellar beauties like Kate moss, keira Knightley, Claudia Schiffer, cate Blanchett and Eva green. Ask why we have listed all these names? Turns out, these world-famous women too deeply planted eyes. But why in most cases they have it even unnoticed? Because they appear in public always perfectly constructed makeup. The main task of the latter «to bring» eyes to the fore. In any case it is not necessary to add dark shades of eye shadow in the crease, it will only aggravate the situation. Suggest to follow the basic techniques of make-up for deep-set eyes, which we have carefully prepared this article below.

Макияж для глубоко посаженных глаз: базовая техника мейк-апа

Plan of action:

First, use a light shade eye shadow with shimmer, and apply them on the entire mobile eyelid, even the area under the eyebrow. After you take the shadows of an intermediate shade and blend in the area under the crease and along the orbital line. After you take the gentle shades and apply them along the upper lash and outer corner of the eye. In this case, no forget to darken the lower eyelid contraindicated.

Макияж для глубоко посаженных глаз: базовая техника мейк-апа