From the first days it was clear that 2019 will be the year of naturalness, femininity and easy negligence where they will place. This motto will be held through the entire year’s exercise and will reign not only in makeup and care, but also in fashion, haircuts and manicures. So fashionistas is attentive to their appearance and to try to bring the outrageousness to a minimum. Fortunately, today it is not difficult. Those who can not do without makeup completely, give preference to Nude and lights. So here’s the list of antitrend 2019:

1. Eyebrows

Макияж-2019: главные антитренды этого года

In 2018 eyebrows were high and thick, 2019 continues this trend. Eyebrows are still wide and thick, to the same slightly shaggy – and that means that it’s time to forget about the tattoo and pencils. Yes, painted eyebrows with clearly defined edges and unnaturally sharp kink, which always looked strange, now they look weird twice. But do not think that the current wide and thick eyebrows and well-groomed eyebrows are the same.

2. Graphically, contrasting the pattern of shadows in conjunction with a clear arrow

Макияж-2019: главные антитренды этого года

Naturalness and again naturalness! Use of shadows can and should be, night and day. But the effect of the loop on the upper eyelid with a contrasting darkened the outer corner of the eye and a sharp transition to the light tone in the inner area, with well painted lashes hopelessly outdated. Even for evening makeup.

3. The «mask» of the tones on the face

Макияж-2019: главные антитренды этого года

Thick creams, dry blush and abundance did not tally with the modern concept of the «makeover without makeup». The person must not be artificially matte, it should Shine. However, don’t confuse glow with a greasy luster, a new fashion does not negate grooming and skin health, and emphasizes them!

4. «Cruel contouring» with the dark sculpturing products

Макияж-2019: главные антитренды этого года

2019 refuses all of the sculpting, but offers to emphasize the shape of the face in other ways. The key word here is to enhance, not to create a new contour. Help blush and hilitary, preferably cream or gel textures. It’s easier to work, and the effect they give – light, translucent, slightly wet better meets modern trends.

5. Lashes

Макияж-2019: главные антитренды этого года

And this was a trend? Amazing that someone thought so…

6. Pale lip shades of beige a La j-Lo in the beginning of the two thousandth

Макияж-2019: главные антитренды этого года