Every householder must have shoe storage for arranging footwear in a proper way. If you make use of shoe storage, you will be able to organize your shoes, sandals, flip-flops, etc in an organized way. Shoe rack is made of many kind materials such as plastic, marble, wood and mix of other upholstery, but wooden shoe rack is the most demanding furniture for many years.

Wooden furniture is very strong and has the graceful appeal. Wooden shoe racks are very affordable and can serve you for a long time with low maintenance. It also has natural beauty, and it adds a welcoming appeal to your house. If you have your shoe rack at the entrance of your house, then you will provide a corresponding area to visitors to deposit their footwear.

If you want to place your footwear in a safe place, then you must add a stylish wooden shoe rack to your living space. This post is the right stop if you are looking for some inspirations about wooden shoe rack. We’ve collected 11 ideas that might bring a good ambiance to your house. Enjoy!

1. Rustic Wooden Shoe Rack

If you already have a house with a lot of rustic wood furniture, or just a fan of rustic furniture, this rustic shoe rack idea might be one of your favorite idea. Put them in nearby the entrance of your room and let everyone impressed by your taste of furniture only by seeing your wooden shoe rack.

Rustic Wooden Shoe Rack
Image via memespp.com

2. Wooden Shoe Rack in Pine

Or you love to have wooden shoe rack in pine wood. Beautiful color and texture make it very worth to have if you want a simple comcept for your shoe storage spot. Look at the picture below and have some inspirations.

Wooden Shoe Rack in Pine
Image via bootandsaw.co.uk

3. Light Wooden Shoe Rack

Here is another variation of wooden shoe rack in wooden material. Simple but unique, the rack will make a clean view to your entrance.

Light Wooden Shoe Rack
Image via storagedesign.info

4. Wooden Shoe Rack With 2 Drawer Stands

If you want to have a more tidy view but can store a lot of shoe, this idea of wooden shoe rack with two drawer stands will help you a lot. Take a look at the picture below to have a reference.

Wooden Shoe Rack With 2 Drawer Stand
Image via kinggeorgehomes.com

5. Wooden Shoe Rack In White

White furniture always fit any kid of interior design, and wooden shoe rack is not an exception. Adopt this idea of wooden shoe rack in white to fit your existing interior design.

Wooden Shoe Rack In White
Image via www.furnitureinfashion.net

6. Wooden Shoe Rack with Grid Hole Surface

This idea of wooden shoe rack with grid hole surface comes in beautiful design with light wooden color. Simple but enough for a tidy shoe storage.

Wooden Shoe Rack in Grid Hole Design
Image via www.alibaba.com

7. Wooden Shoe Rack with Umbrella Holder

The good news is there are a lot of multi-functional wooden shoe rack available now. Just like this idea of wooden shoe rack, that comes with a space for umbrellas. If you can get two function at once, that is the best thing a furniture can give you.

Wooden Shoe Rack with Umbrella Holder
Image via www.stacksandstacks.com

8. Closed Wooden Shoe Rack

Need an idea of a closed wooden shoe rack? This idea might satisfy your need. With a space of transparent glass that will make you easily find your shoes without wasting time opening one by one.

Closed Wooden Shoe Rack
Image via synonymousism.wordpress.com

9. Pallet Wood Shoe Rack

Recycled wood is always impressive when it’s modified into any furniture. This pallet wood shoe rack is one of the best idea you can get from a recycled wood. Get one for your space!

Pallet Wood Shoe Rack
Image via palletfurniturediy.com

10. Wooden Ladder Shoe Rack

Or you can also adopt this idea of wooden ladder shoe rack. Of course besides giving the shoe storage function, it will give a good statement to your interior design.

Wooden Ladder Shoe Rack
Image via www.aplaceforeverything.co.uk

11. Wooden and Metal Shoe Rack

You can also combine wood with metal for the material of your shoe rack. Just like the idea below, it looks really good when the beauty of wooden texture combined with boldness of black metal pipes.

Wooden and Metal Shoe Rack
Image via www.ajproducts.co.uk

Shoe rack plays an important role to arrange your footwear properly without taking much space. Already got your favorite one? Do not hesitate to share with all of us trough the comment column. Thank you for enjoying the post. Have a great time deciding your chosen wooden shoe rack!


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