faux marble coasters DIY

faux marble coasters

Coasters are definitely one of those things that you can never have enough of.  After all, who wants their tables stained with water rings?

I used to buy them whenever I spotted a pretty set but then I thought I’d try making some.  I made my first set of coasters last year and now there’s no turning back.  Coasters are so fun to make and much cheaper than buying.  I needed some more so I decided to go for some faux marble coasters.

These faux marble coasters are easy to make and make a stylish addition to your table, especially if you love a bit of marble, like me.

make your own faux marble coasters

How to make faux marble coasters

white polymer clay (UK readers find it here and US readers here)
rolling pin
round shape cutter around 9cms diameter (a glass or a small bowl)
sharp knife
disposable plastic container
grey nail polish
disposable wooden skewers
disposable gloves

how to make faux marble coasters

To make the coasters, take a large chunk of clay and roll it in to a ball.
Roll out the ball to form a circle shape that is slightly larger than your cutter.  The thickness should be around 4mm.
Place your glass or bowl on the clay and cut out a circle using a sharp knife.
Bake you coasters according to the instructions on your clay.
Once baked, allow the coasters to cool completely.

Fill your plastic container with room temperature water (if the water is too cold, the nail polish will fall to the bottom of the container, too warm and the polish will form a film).
Add a few drops of your nail polish to the water and using your skewer, give it a gentle swirl.
Drop your coaster in and remove – wear gloves to remove otherwise your fingers will be covered in nail polish.
Place it standing up to dry – I used another plastic container to stand them up.

Note: after I marbled each coaster, I found that the nail polish quickly settled as a film on top of the water. I used a skewer to easily lift off this film and I added a few more drops of nail polish for the next coaster. I did this after marbling each coaster.

faux marble coasters diy

faux marble coasters diy

I chose a mid-grey nail polish for the marbling after trying black polish first.  The black was way too harsh so I thought I would mention this.  You can choose whatever colour polish you like or you could even play with a mix of colours.

Think you’ll give these marble coasters a go?

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