ikea hack magazine holder

ikea hack magazine holder

Who doesn’t love an ikea hack?  I love them!

I especially love how you can often spend less than a fiver and make something so useful and handy like this Ikea hack magazine holder. All in a few minutes too.

This magazine holder is made from the Ikea Nyplockad plate stand (also called Ostbit plate holder in some countries).  The plate holder can be assembled according to the instructions and used as it is as a magazine rack.  This works really well if you’ve got more of the floppier kind of mags.

However I wanted to make it a bit sleeker as I found the plate stand a little bit bulky. And this slimmer version works better for sturdier mags, which is the kind of mag I tend to keep forever so it’s handy to have a place to keep them.  Heres what I did.

ikea hack easy magazine stand


1 x nyplockad plate stand
wood glue
black acrylic paint
matt varnish

I simply glued the two ends together, instead of using the rods to connect them. I then painted the edges black, giving it two coats. Once dry, I varnished over the paint and that’s it. This holder is especially good for thicker, sturdier magazines or even for big coffee table type books. The more you put in the better it holds and will comfortably hold 10+ mags.

I also found that floppier magazines hold well if you put lots of them in to each slot.  So you can use it to hold a lot of floppier style mags or to display a few favourite books and sturdy mags.

ikea hack magazine holder

ikea hack diy magazine stand

ikea hack magazine holder

Have you created any Ikea hacks lately? Do you think you’ll make this Ikea hack magazine holder?

P.S. If you want a bit more of an involved project, check out this ikea cabinet hack.

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