DIY napkin rings polymer clay

Napkin rings always remind me of that time when I got caught shoplifting at Bergdorf Goodmans.

I had just ‘picked up’ the most beautiful set of napkin rings I had ever laid eyes on.  As I was leaving the store, I was stopped by two burly security guards and hauled back in.  To say I was shaking with terror doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.

As it turns out, I had paid for them but they had forgotten to take off the security tag. Their bad, not mine. After receiving a very genuine apology, I left the store and went off to stare some more at my stunning purchase, even though it had nearly landed me in jail.

I was telling this story to a friend which sparked the idea of making my own DIY napkin rings. Mine may not be quite the ticket to tempt shoplifters, but they are a lot cheaper!  I especially love them for a minimal, monochrome table setting.  It’s adding little details like these napkin rings, that turn a dinner table in to a abundant, welcoming place where you can gather for hours.

homemade napkin rings

These DIY napkin rings are super easy to make using polymer clay.  Making one takes less than 10 minutes plus baking time.   I had initially made them pure white which looks really good too, especially with a dark napkin, as the clay is a beautiful, crisp white and stays that way even after baking.  But I decided to add a bit of (faux) granite to them as the grey and white worked well together.


white polymer clay (UK readers find it here and US readers here)
granite effect polymer clay (UK readers find it here and US readers here)

DIY napkin rings tutorial

1.Take a good chunk of white clay and roll this in to a ball.
2. Stick on a one or two tiny bits of granite clay and roll in to a ball again.  I used a bit more granite on some and a bit less on others.  You can experiment with this to get the look you want. Gently roll once you’ve stuck on the granite clay – don’t work the granite in to the white clay it will just colour the white and give it all a grey-ish tinge. I’ve been there!
3. Roll the ball between your palms to create a cylinder like shape.
4. Take you rolling pin and roll this out lengthways and then a bit horizontally until you have a piece that measures approximately 3cms wide and 22cms+ long.  Also the piece of clay should be no thinner than 2mm- too thin and it can break.
5. Cut the ends off so that you not only remove the rounded edges but you are also left with a long rectangle measuring approx 18cms.
6. Now curl the piece to form a circle and stick one end of the clay over the other – gently pressing down and allowing around 2-2.5cms overlap.
7. Bake according to the instructions.

I’ve given the measurements as a guide but you don’t have to be so precise. And you can always make the napkin rings narrower if you prefer.  The only thing to remember is the diameter should be around 4-5 cms so the rings aren’t too big for the napkins.

Also, the first few I tried had way too much granite so I played around a bit till I got just an imperfect stripe or two of granite which is the look I was after.  So it may take you one or two tries to get the look you want.

DIY Napkin rings

how to make your own napkin rings

DIY clay napkin rings

DIY napkin rings polymer clayI love creating with clay and these DIY napkin rings were really fun to make.  Now I have my very own homemade napkin rings to use when I have my next gathering.  No more buying them and risking jail! ?

Do you think you’ll give these homemade napkin rings a try?

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