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Have you started your Christmas crochet yet? We’re here to make sure you don’t meltdown before you finish!

crochet trees

Christmas Trees by Squibblybups

Get organized!

To get started, make the first of two lists! This first list is the dream list of all the crochet creations you have planned for friends and family – blankets for each of the children, a cabled sweater for Uncle Bert, a fabulous 4ply lace shawl for Aunty Maud, hats and mitts for all of the friends, festive dishcloths, some tapestry crochet cushions for the sofa, and some crochet socks (now that I know how to make them) for everyone!

Hygge Throw

Hygge Holiday Throw by Jess at Make Do & Crew!

Now calm down and make your second list!

  • Blankets are wonderful, but unless you work in super chunky yarn, they will take a long time to make! Limit your blanket making to only nearest and dearest!
  • Scarves and mittens are great, especially for making on the go – transportable projects maximise time! And if you make everyone the same pattern in different yarn and colors, you’ll go even faster when you are familiar with the pattern!
  • Cushions are fabulously fast projects to crochet! If you feel you can only manage the front of a cushion, then use fabric for the back!
  • Hats = speed!
  • Work with patterns well within your skills – don’t attempt something new unless you are confident you can do it!

Shop the sales!

How many of you end up buying a gift to go with your home made item? How many of you spend more on yarn for gifts than you would spend on a shop-bought gift? As much as we like to crochet for the people we love, there is a financial cost as well as the outpouring of love that is hooked through your stitches, and it’s important to acknowledge this when you’re buying yarn for these gorgeous gifts.

For example, if you really want to make a pair of cashmere mittens for your niece, have a think – does it have to be cashmere? Merino wool is extremely soft. Might you be better off with something more practical for someone who is out in the snow walking a big dog? A choice that seems luxurious can end up costing more than you want to spend, so either choose a yarn that won’t be as expensive, or scout the sales and find what you need at a discount! Our fabulous Big November sale runs throughout the month and there are some wonderful bargains to be found!

Baa ram ewe

If you have any spare project bags, dig them out now….

Dive into your stash and bring out all the yarn that you think might work for your Christmas projects, and lie it out on a table or on the floor.  Now sort it into yarn weights, and see if you’ve got enough for any of your planned patterns. If you’ve got something you can use, pop it into a spare project bag and attach a label to remind you what it’s for – and hopefully by the end of this process you might just have a line up of project bags just waiting for you to work from!

Check your hooks!

If you’re crocheting several DK weight projects, it might be wise to invest in a couple of extra 4mm hooks, and check ahead with all the weights you’re using to make sure you have the right hook sizes. This will help enormously, because there is nothing as maddening as getting ready to start a pattern and discovering you don’t have the hook for it!


There might be a natural order to begin with your projects – if your blankets are modular, you can work on squares wherever you are, so it will be a project you can take with you.  You might choose to start with the most challenging project first, to get that out of the way and not have it waiting half way down the queue!

not so ruby slippers

Most crafters do work on more than one project at once, and far from being frivolous, this is actually good practice. It helps to have smaller projects you can take out and about, such as hats, slippers and shawls, and projects you can work on in the day at home.

It shouldn’t be a chore!

The last thing you want your crochet to be is a chore. Try to make it as enjoyable as you can, even those long hours of blanket sewing up, or working in colors you don’t particularly like! Be organized, and make it a pleasure – make yourself a cup of tea (or coffee/glass of wine/gin and tonic/hot chocolate/insert your favorite drink here!) and set yourself with snacks, favorite music, TV, Netflix, an audio book and try to enjoy it!

What are you crocheting for Christmas?



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