Make an expensive looking metallic fall themed centerpiece for your table in under an hour! You do not need any complicated metal working skills to make this faux metal decorative piece. You will just need a few crafting supplies plus craft metal to create a gorgeous fall mirrored centerpiece.

Supplies Used to Make the Foil Leaf Mirror:

  • Round unframed mirror
  • Metal Sheets for crafting
  • Leaf shaped die cuts
  • Die cutting machine
  • E-6000 adhesive

Step one: Cut the craft metal roll into pieces the are the same size as the cutting die. Craft metal is very soft and can be cut with regular scissors. Be careful with the corners as they can be very sharp!

Step two: Place the metal sheet on the leaf die. Roll the metal sheet and leaf die through the die cutting machine. Remove the cut leaf shapes from the sheet and set them aside. Repeat until you have enough leaves to fit around the mirror. I made approximately 18-20 leaves to fit this mirror, which is about 12 inches round.

Step three: Arrange the metal leaves around the edge of the mirror so that they are evenly spaced and so that the look is pleasing to the eye. I overlapped some of the leaves slightly.

Step four: Use E-6000 adhesive to attach the leaves to the mirror. I put the adhesive on the mirror’s surface and placed one leaf at a time on the mirror. Let the glue dry completely.

The beautiful silver leaves match the mirror nicely. I love the way both the leaves and the mirror reflect the autumnal orange colors on the pumpkin. This centerpiece will be perfect for fall. You can always make a different style for other seasons by using other cutting dies: snowflakes for winter, hearts for Valentine’s day, etc.  Have fun crafting and creating seasonal decor for your home!

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