1 Year of Stitches 2021

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One thing I remember from the year 2017 was how I stitched every day. That is nothing new for 2020, but three years ago, I was just beginning to incorporate embroidery more seriously into my creative endeavors. The best way to get better at something is consistent practice, which is why the daily art project 1 Year of Stitches was so valuable over that year. It was also fun! I’m embarking on another 1 Year of Stitches starting January 1, 2021—join me!

What is 1 Year of Stitches?

1 Year of Stitches is a project created by the artist Hannah Claire Somerville. In 2016, she chronicled her life by making at least a stitch in a single embroidery hoop each day. (I wrote about it back then and even interviewed her about the project.)

The project is as simple as that. You make a stitch (or more) each day on the same piece of fabric. You’ll take a picture that shows your progress and date the photo. You can write a few words about the embroidery or your day. (Don’t get discouraged if progress looks slow or nonexistent.) Afterward, share your embroidery online—through social media or a blog. Tag it with: #1yearofstitches; @1yearofstitches.

What you choose to stitch, the format, and how you document it is all up to you. That can be overwhelming, but it’s also exciting.

Get ready for 1 Year of Stitches: 2021

As I write this, it’s the end of September. The new year, while certainly getting closer, still seems a ways away. But, as a planner who always likes to have something to look forward to, I started thinking about 1 Year of Stitches months ago.

If you’re interested in making 2021 your year of embroidery, you won’t regret 1 Year of Stitches. You’ll learn a lot about embroidery and yourself!

Having stitched during the year 2017 and tried (and failed) again in 2019, I want to set us all up for success. Starting in November, I’ll be sending periodic emails about 1 Year of Stitches that will inspire you and help you prepare (including what I am doing for the project!).

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