Beautiful, old architecture deserves to be preserved and celebrated. That being said, this doesn’t mean that an old house has to stay old forever or that it can’t become a home that responds to all the needs of a modern family. In fact, contrasts are often the key to a magnificent design that values the old and celebrates the new. But enough with the generalities. Let’s move on to something more specific. This residence is located in the Italian countryside and was recently redesigned by Vitaliy Yorov and Iryna Dzhemesiuk.

The whole residence has this refined and aristocratic vibe with a touch of glamour and opulence
The decor avoid saturated colors and focuses instead of toned down nuances
Gold is the main accent color, being combined with various other tones throughout the residence

Terms such as luxurious, glamorous and sophisticated can all be used to describe this amazing residence. What’s special about it is the unusual and very beautiful combination of styles that defines its interior. The designers are known for their creative approach and the fact that they enjoy combining different styles, forms and materials as well as for using techniques from different eras when decorating contemporary spaces. They managed to turn the Hanna floor lamp into a sculptural decoration for the living room.

The green of the sectional is a very relaxing color that looks amazing in combination with the neutrals
Each piece of furniture stands out in a unique way, some more than others
Even though there are multiple different patterns, textures and color nuances in a room, they don’t clash

These two talented Ukrainian designers are always in the search for harmony and ways to find the middle ground between aesthetics and functionality so that the spaces they design can be both exquisite pictures and comfortable homes. Each project tells a unique story and in this case it’s a story about time and beauty.

The lighting plays a very important role in the overall decor of the residence, usually being the focal point of the rooms
It’s hard to say which is the star here when every little thing is special and interesting in its own way
The living space has a decor focused on modularity, comfort and balance

For the designers, looks and functionality and two inseparable attributes which they always to balance out as best as possible in their projects. This residence is an extraordinary example. Another constant across all of their projects is the preference for natural materials and well-designed details. What we love most about this particular project is the wonderful harmony between all the different elements, all the styles, influences, textures, materials, colors and forms. The Hanna pendant lamp was a way to create symmetry in the living room.

The arched windows also contribute to an overall refined and sophisticated ambiance
The chandeliers in the dining area are also the focal point of the space and they feature as an accent color
The artwork also plays an important role in the overall character and decor of the residence

Each zone has its own distinctive character. The living space is a very inviting and comfortable space decorated with shades of green and neutrals while the dining room is a bit more theatrical, featuring a burgundy accent wall and black and white furnishings. The constant in all the spaces is the array of golden accent pieces and the use of exquisite lighting fixtures. For the dining area, the designers chose two Brubeck ceiling lamps with designs reminiscent of the pipe organ and its dramatic music.

The burgundy accent wall in the dining area provides an elegant and theatrical backdrop for the furnishings
The kitchen is spacious, open and modern, with minimalist furniture
The simple and clean lines of the furnishings are complemented by elegantly-patterned floors

The kitchen is a little more on the modern side, being defined by minimalist designs, clean and simple lines and a chromatic palette of neutrals. But in addition to all these elements, the kitchen also has patterned tiles on the floor and chic wall decor complemented by a cluster of minimalist pendant lamps.

Once again, the lighting fixtures are the stars of the decor, bringing glamour and sophistication into the room
The building’s old architecture is wonderfully balanced out by modern and contemporary forms and design elements
The contrast between the geometric and modern design of this golden console and the ornate wall behind it is magnificent

The residence as a whole is a mesmerizing symphony of beautiful artwork, eye-catching accent furniture, glamorous decorations and an irresistibly beautiful combination of classical and contemporary design elements. Its vaulted ceilings and arched windows share the space with unexpected forms, artistic design elements, vivid colors and modern furnishings, the most eye-catching of which is the Diamond sideboard, featured here in gold.

The bathroom doesn’t lack glamour either, featuring this very chic and luxurious design

The Diamond tub extends the opulence and glamour into the bathroom where it’s complemented by two Diamond freestands.

The wall mirror is a particularly interesting and eye-catching piece thanks to its form and delicate details

The bathroom is really open, spacious and airy and has a cool art deco feel to it. The tub and washbasins have geometric forms and a glossy black finish. They’re complemented by golden fixtures. The star is the textured accent wall.

The tub area is pretty extraordinary too, especially considering the opulent accent wall
There’s a really nice contrast and harmony between the glossy black surfaces and the golden accents

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