As beautiful and as impressive as the large hotels may be, they often lack the comfort and intimacy of a small boutique hotel, that warm and inviting ambiance that makes them feel like home. Luxury boutique hotels such as Locanda La Gelsomina, for example, have a different way of impressing their guests. You can find this one in Malta, tucked away in one of the oldest buildings in Birgu.

The hotel is small and lacks the opulence and grandeur of other structures, this being its forte
However, small doesn’t mean simple in this case. Step inside to discover a world of riches
Even though the hotel is tucked away, it still has a strong connection with the city center

Here, in a building dating back to the early 1500s, this lovely boutique hotel welcomes its guests into an atmosphere that blends Eastern and Western influences, in an environment where history is embraced and where modernity comes as an addition to an old and rich environment. Guests are immediately immersed into the wonderful eclectic ambiance of the hotel as the exterior facade of the building has not been altered but rather faithfully restored to its original beauty.

The interior is relaxing and tranquil without being minimalist
A spiral staircase tucked alongside a wall seamlessly connects the floors
This is the living area in one of the suits, the one where the stone walls are most prominent

The interior of the hotel has been restored without losing its charm. It’s infused with traditional Maltese architectural elements and its interior is furnished with a lot of one-of-a-kind antiques that have been handpicked over time from various different locations. This is a small boutique hotel with only four suites. This gives it a particularly  cozy and intimate character highly appreciated by the guests.

The suites and the interior in general have a very intimate and welcoming feel
The exposed stone walls give the spaces a very tactile character, closely linked to the history of the building
The exposed stone in combination with the wood results in a very warm and earthy decor
One of the hotel’s suites is decorated with tones of red, tastefully sprinkled across the spaces

Each of the four suites has a particular set of features and design elements that makes it special. Suite One, for example, is defined by prominent stone walls. It has high ceilings and exposed stone in all the spaces. It’s also a suite decorated with red accents.

This is the en-suite of the first room and, as you can see, it shares a lot in common with the sleeping area

Suite One also has a beautiful balcony which, although small, offers a glimpse at the city’s rich history, exposing the space to the architectural beauty of the surroundings.

The first suite has its own little balcony which overlooks the neighborhood

Suite Two is decorated with traditional Maltese tiles and features an array of unique antique furnishings. It also has a pretty impressive and dramatic chandelier.

Another suite has a yellow-based interior decor, with grey accents spread throughout
Even neutral colors seem to suit the hotel suites really well, blending in with the textures

Suite Three has this wonderful zen terrace and an interior that looks very bohemian, featuring a butterfly-themed design. Like all the other rooms in the hotel, it’s furnished with antiques and local traditional pieces.

There are touches of green spread throughout the hotel in various forms, like this lovely fireplace
There’s also a courtyard with lots of greenery which can be seen from inside the suites

The fourth suite is on the top floor of the hotel and it’s filled with natural light. It has a very airy and fresh decor and it’s furnished with a mixture of Mongolian and Maltese antiques.

The hotel is furnished with lots of antiques collected over time
Hand-glazed tiles are also an important part of the interior design

Individually, each suite is charming in its own way and as a whole this boutique hotel is a beautiful presentation of how something old and tucked away can become rich with history and charm and appreciated for its intimacy, comfort and uniqueness.

The attention to detail gives the rooms a lot of character and makes the hotel feel extra cozy

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